Know the various reasons behind the delayed menstrual cycle

When women do have sexual intercourse and have missed periods, a number of thoughts do the race in mind.  However, pregnancy is not always a reason for women having a pregnancy. Apart from pregnancy, there are a number of reasons which can have an effect on the menstrual cycle. In the case of women land in situations like unplanned pregnancy, then online Abortion Pills are the best option which helps women to deal with the situation.

This blog can help one to understand the reasons behind a delayed period:


Stress is something which affects everyone and it has an effect on the hormones.  The stress has an impact on the brain and the functions which help to regulate menstruation. If a person faces the problem of stress and anxiety, then this can be the primary reason behind women having delayed periods.  As a solution to this issue women can simply bring a slight change in the lifestyle and get the stress relieved.

Low body weight

Eating disorder related to bulimia or Nervosa can lead to menstrual periods. Sometimes if the weight is lower than the normal weight, then this can affect the menstrual cycle and the ovulation gets disturbed. At times women, those who are an athlete or indulge in exercises can face such issues.


Those women have extreme body weight can also have delayed menstrual cycle. Such women are asked to reduce weight and change the diet and follow a few exercises which help to maintain weight and have a menstrual cycle.


This is a condition wherein women’s body does produce an excess of androgen. This causes hormonal imbalance and forms cysts on the ovaries and this leads to a delayed menstrual cycle.

Other cases

Other than the above-mentioned cases, some other cases also do affect the menstrual cycle. Following are a few cases which can be the reason why women do have delayed pregnancy.

  1. Birth control pills
  2. Chronic health disorder
  3. Premenopause chronic disorder
  4. Thyroid issues

Seeking help

Apart from the frequent irregular menstruation, there are also other symptoms which can help to understand the seriousness of the disorder.

Watch out the following symptoms and seek medical help
  • Unusual heavy bleeding
  • Sickness during menstruation
  • Severe cramps
  • Vomiting accompanied by nausea
  • Menstruation which lasts for more than a 6-7 days
  • Menstruation which can be experienced after menopause

In case of women also come across certain changes during the menstrual periods she is asked to seek help.

Having a proper menstrual cycle helps to know that the body functions properly. Not having a menstrual cycle always, do not result in pregnancy. In case if it is pregnancy online MTP kit is the appropriate way to end the pregnancy. Before opting to have an abortion, it is necessary that women must get diagnosed the reason behind not having menstruation. If women do avoid irregular menstruation, then this can lead to some severe health risks and especially this leads to a disorder which is related to reproductive health. Monitor your menstruation cycle so that it can help you to keep a track of your periods.