Reasons to avoid the pregnancy test after having an abortion

Unlike surgical abortion, medical abortion is the process that helps to end the pregnancy completely. When one does buy Abortion Pills, it helps to end the pregnancy by causing several hormonal changes that help to end the pregnancy.

You must observe the after-effects of Abortion Pills and determine the right time when women are asked to take the pregnancy test. This blog helps you to choose the ideal time, which helps to check the efficiency of the pills. This blog helps you to know the methods which can help to track the progress of the process and seek help for the same.

Working of the Abortion pills

Women who make the use of MTP kit need to make use of the Mifepristone pill first. This Abortion Pill is to be used primarily and helps women to get the pregnancy terminated. This med works against the progesterone hormones which help to separate the fetus from the uterus and this pill makes it easy for terminating the pregnancy.

The second pill which is to be used is Misoprostol from MTP kit and this is the secondary pill that is used so that it can help to get the fetus terminated. This Abortion Pill works on the contraction of the uterus so that the fetus can get dispelled from the body.

Depending upon the body type and the gestation period the bleeding may vary. If the gestation period is less than women may have bleeding for 4-5 days, whereas if the gestation period is more than the bleeding may vary.

After getting the fetus flushed, it is common for women to have bleeding for a week or two and as the fetus gets flushed the bleeding gets lighter.

After effects

The after-effects, which are caused due to the use of MTP kit are cramping around the abdominal area, vaginal bleeding. Though these symptoms appear to be similar to the menstrual period these side effects sometimes may get worse and women may require medical help to get them treated.

When should the pregnancy status not be checked?

  • As soon as the pregnancy termination pills are being administrated tests should not be conducted.
  • Once the symptoms stop showing avoid having a test
  • A month later test should not be performed

The ideal time to confirm the results

Once you order MTP kit you need to wait for 2 weeks, so that the whole process of abortion gets completed. The ideal time to confirm the results is after 2 weeks of having an abortion. At this point, the pregnancy gets ended successfully and helps you to know the accurate results of the abortion.

Confirming the pregnancy termination results with the help of a pregnancy test is one of the important things. It is possible that every woman may experience the symptoms of medical abortion, but yet to avoid the complications one must have a test. An ultrasound test is one of the best methods which helps women to know about the exact status of the abortion. This is one of the trusted methods and gives accurate results.