Safest days to have sexual intimacy and avoid pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy is something that no woman would like to deal with. Even though women can simply order Abortion Pills and avoid pregnancy, most of the women try to avoid this situation. Ovulation is a process wherein the mature eggs get released from an ovary. By maintaining a gap of 28 days the eggs get mature and release from the ovary and pass into the Fallopian tube. As soon as the eggs are released, they do remain viable for 12-24 hours. In case if you have sexual intimacy, then the sperm stays active for around 5-6 days and the eggs do get mature can the ovulation occur within 6-12 days.

If women do not get pregnant after this event, then she can have menstrual periods

Soon after having a menstrual period, there are chances that women can conceive. It is also said that before menstruation if you do have sexual intercourse, then there are chances of you getting pregnant.

When tracking the ovulation, you can come across that if you were near your ovulation date till 48 hours, then there are more chances of you getting pregnant. Probably after ovulation for 36-48 hours the probability of getting pregnant gets lower.

Know the right time to avoid sexual intimacy to avoid pregnancy

Though women do have the option to buy Mifeprex and Misoprostol pill to end the pregnancy, women do not wish to land in situations like getting unwillingly pregnant and then have an abortion. Pregnancy prevention is one of the best methods which can help to avoid the situation such as unplanned pregnancy. Hence, to understand the right time it is necessary that one must have complete knowledge about the ovulation period.

Know the fertile window with the help of following steps

The menstrual cycle can be understood by recording the tentative gap between each menstrual period. To track the menstrual period, it is necessary that one must confirm the first day of the last periods to the first day of your present menstrual period.

To track the gap, one needs to know that the gap does vary every month and you can track the shortest break and the longest break between the two menstrual periods. With this, you can learn the first day of your fertile window and you need to subtract the 18 days from your shortest cycle.

Similarly, you can do with the longest cycle, you need to deduct 11 days from your longest cycle. 

You would get the ranges between two dates and this would be the range of time wherein you have more chances of getting pregnant. Hence, in order to avoid getting pregnant, you need to avoid sexual intercourse during this range of ovulation which you have calculated.

Typically, health care provider suggests women to involve in sexual activity when the menstrual period is near. Still, it is mandatory that one must make the use of contraceptives so that the situation like unplanned pregnancy can be avoided completely. Knowing all the terms can help you, but it is better that one does seek help from the health care provider and then plan the intimacy.