What should a woman know while she has an unplanned pregnancy?

An unplanned pregnancy is a dream which no women wish to have. But on the other side women do have to face reality. Women are asked to not over-think such things and do take all the necessary steps which can help to deal with this. Most of the women are in a hurry and do immediately turn to the online store and order Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated. This may be the right choice but still, women are never asked to decide in a hurry. The following are some of the tips which can help women in an unplanned pregnancy situation.

Confirming the pregnancy

While you are heading towards abortion or continuing with the pregnancy, it is necessary that women must take a home pregnancy test or have an ultrasound test. Most of the time women should prefer to have a pregnancy test so that it can help women to check the status of the pregnancy and know the complications if any.

Discuss it with a partner

Those women who are pregnant are asked to discuss all this with the partner. You need to talk to your partner about all the things. Discuss the situation and what have you decided about the pregnancy. You need to talk calmly and handle the whole situation.

Think from different perspectives

Women are asked not to jump to the conclusion and do think about the decision. Women need to think about the decision from every perspective so that once you are implementing the decision you do not regret your decision. Check whether you can offer the right parenting for the future of your child. In case if you feel that this is not the right time or you do not have enough funds to raise a child then you can have an abortion.

Be aware of the options

Once you are done with the decision you need to make yourself aware of the options which you have. Women are usually left with two options:

  • Medical abortion
  • Surgical abortion

Before you do opt for any of the processes do make sure that you do check with your health care provider whether you fit in the criteria or not.

Which one should be opted for?

Surgical abortion is quite expensive if it is compared with medical abortion. While having medical abortion women are only supposed to order Cytotec pill and bear the cost of the pills whereas if the surgical abortion has opted then it results in a cost of the surgery, doctors’ fees and hospital fees. Hence, before you do choose any method makes sure that you do discuss it with your health care provider.

Understand the method properly

If you have chosen the surgical abortion method, then you need to not worry as this method is being performed only by the professional. If you have chosen the medical abortion process, then women have to understand the process properly. The whole medical abortion process takes about 2 weeks and once the process gets completed women need to have a pregnancy test again to confirm the results.