Why is it said that period sex can be more intense?

Women usually do have vaginal bleeding while she does have a medical abortion or while she is in her menses and often this is unrealistic and dirty. On the contrary, during this time women can have increased blood flow and while a woman does have increased blood flow, it can also more sensation. This can have a number of benefits for both women and her partner in a number of ways.

But while you are on Abortion Pills online or menstruation, it is advised that you do avoid sexual activity.

Increased blood flow leads to more senses

While women do have a menstrual cycle, sexual pleasure is something that is enhanced. While a woman does have her menstrual cycle, she does have increased blood flow to the uterus as well as to the genitals and hence her genitals become more aware of any activity. While a woman is in her periods, she becomes more sensitive while she is being touched as well, she becomes aroused easily. An increase in blood flow allows faster lubrication in women and women to become more sexually active while she is in her menses.

Sex during periods can make women have stronger orgasms

While women do have her menses there is a number of contractions that can happen to her uterine muscle. This replaces the tissues of the endometrium part and at times due to increased sensitivity to the uterus women find the enhanced way to have an erection. The more foreplay, the more oxytocin is being produced in the women’s body. Usually, most of the women do prefer to have intimacy during the menstruation as it is said that the pleasure felt is more during the menstruation as compared to the other days.

Sexual intimacy during periods do shorten the periods

With increased sexual activity and orgasm, women are more likely to have a shorter period. Woman’s uterus at times can clear the lining due to the increased sexual activity and due to this, the number of days women does bleed is being reduced.

How can sexual intimacy do affect the cramps and pain?

Several studies have concluded that women who have a menstrual cycle and have sexual intimacy are likely to face fewer cramps and pain. Usually, during orgasm, a number of endorphins act as natural orgasm and due to this the woman’s sensation is largely decreased by 75%. This happens due to the combination of endorphins and oxytocin. Overall, couples who do have sexual intimacy are at a more beneficial part rather than any negative part. Sexual intimacy not only helps to have an enjoyable time during menstruation, but also helps to ease pain and cramps.

Although sexual intimacy is enjoyable while on menstruation women are asked to avoid sexual intercourse while she does have an abortion. While women do have an abortion with online Misoprostol pills there are chances that women can have the risk of having an infection as during these times the vagina becomes easily vulnerable to the infection. Hence, women need to strictly avoid indulging in sexual activity.