Can one opt to have anal intercourse after having an abortion?

When women do plan to have an abortion, medical abortion is one of the chosen ways to end an unwanted pregnancy. There are a number of websites that do let people order abortion pills and help to end the pregnancy. Women are asked to follow the instructions and precautions so that it can help to end the pregnancy.

Many times medical abortion is a process that helps the couples to reduce the differences between each other and get closer. Hence, during or after the medical abortion process, it is common to have a craving for sexual intercourse.

Following things can help you to know why it is important to avoid anal and vaginal intercourse after abortion.

Avoiding intercourse after an abortion

While women are asked to have an abortion, Mifeprex and Misoprostol are used in order to complete the process to have an abortion. Since the pills contain progesterone and prostaglandin components, it helps to dispel the pregnancy tissues of the body causing contraction of the uterus.

After the administration of Mifeprex and Misoprostol women can have abdominal cramps and shedding of the uterus. Due to medical abortion, women can experience vagina bleeding, which is heavier as compared to the menstrual periods. Also, this bleeding can last for at least a week or two, depending upon the gestation period.

Hence, when women do undergo the medical abortion process, there are chances that women can become vulnerable and are exposed to bacterial infection. There are a number of things that can affect both the partners if they have sexual intercourse after having an abortion.

If not vaginal, then can it be possible to have anal intercourse?

Be it before or during or after an abortion, women are asked to avoid the anal as well as vaginal intercourse is not safe. The anus lacks the lubrication and the anus tissues are more sensitive as compared to the vaginal area. Also, the anus has more bacteria due to which it is not safe to have intercourse.

Hence, women are asked to avoid anal intercourse after an abortion.

In spite of all the above-mentioned reasons, if you still wish to engage in sexual intercourse after an abortion, please follow the instruction given  below:
  1. Cut your nails if one does prefer to have anal sex using your fingers.
  2. Make sure that you do make use of condoms while you do wish to have sexual intercourse.
  3. Make sure that while having intercourse women is comforted as she may feel tired after having an abortion.
  4. While one does insert the penis do make sure that the lubricants are being used.

If one does wish to have sexual intercourse, then do make sure that you do follow all the instructions which help to avoid the complications. It is necessary that such complications must be avoided so that it becomes easy to recover soon after having an abortion. Women who buy Mifeprex and Misoprostol pills online need to make sure that they do follow all the instructions which are being provided by the health care provider.