Use Cytotec pills to get rid of undesired pregnancy

Women need to think of society and the number of people before she makes the decision of abortion. One of the best ways to get rid of having an abortion is a medical abortion.

Medical abortion

This is a method wherein women only need to purchase Abortion Pills online and get the pregnancy terminated with the help of pills. While conducting this method no involvement of instrument is being done and the process completely is being carried out with the help of pills. This process helps women to end the pregnancy, which has a gestation period of up to 9 weeks. Women need to know about the administrating the pills which help to end the pregnancy safely and successfully.

Steps to do before choosing the pregnancy termination pills

Usually, Cytotec is considered to be a secondary pill that helps in ending the pregnancy. Before women to choose to have an abortion, it is mandatory that an ultrasound test is being performed. Performing an ultrasound test helps women to know about the gestation period of the pregnancy. Knowing the gestation period is one of the essential things before heading towards abortion as this helps to know which method of abortion can be chosen.

Directions to use pregnancy termination pills

Once you purchase online Abortion Pills you need to follow the instructions which are being provided by the health care provider.

While administrating the Cytotec pill one need to follow the below-given instructions

While using Cytotec pills women need to use 12 pills of this med and need to use 4 pills at times. On the day one woman needs to administrate the 4 pills and let them dissolve and after 3-4 hour gap, she needs to again repeat the step unless the 12 pills are being used.

These pills are either administrated buccally or vaginally and both the methods are the best way to get the pregnancy ended.

Vaginal administration

While placing these pills vaginally women need to place these pills carefully deep in the vagina. Once the pills are placed women need to avoid going to the washroom as there are chances that the pill may throw out.

Buccal administration

Women those who administrate the Cytotec pill buccally need to keep these pills in cheek pouches and then dissolve them in the mouth with the help of saliva. At times, due to vomiting women may throw up these pills but it is advised to administrate the pills again to get the effective results.

Effectiveness of the pill

Those women who order Cytotec Abortion Pills online and have an abortion need to make sure that they are aware of the side effects which can be experienced. Those women who have an abortion can experience bleeding and cramping as the primary symptoms of abortion and this helps women to know about abortion.


While on the Cytotec pill for abortion, it is necessary that some of the measures are being taken in order to avoid the obstacles in recovery.

  • Do make the use of sanitary pads in order to monitor the bleeding
  • Do strictly stay away from the use of grapefruit juice, alcohol, smoking, and magnesium 
  • Avoid physical activities that add pressure to your lower abdomen as this can increase the chances of having heavy bleeding.