Why is it necessary to have an ultrasound test after having a medical abortion?

As women do take the termination pills and encounter physical changes, whether to have an ultrasound test is always a concern.  A lot of women do buy abortion pills and end the pregnancy effectively at home. There are only a few clinics that do allow women to have an ultrasound test after or before having an abortion. Women do have a question, whether the use of an ultrasound test is really necessary for medical abortion of pregnancy or not?

This blog can help you know whether having an ultrasound test after medical abortion is must or not:

An ultrasound test is a technique wherein the images of the soft tissues can be seen from the human body. This test helps to examine the condition of the bladder, kidney, uterus, pancreas, liver and stomach area. During pregnancy, this specific test helps to know about the contents present in the uterus. Also, this helps to know the exact position of the fetus and the complications if any are involved during the pregnancy.

How can women perform a medical abortion at home?

Medical abortion is a process which is performed with the help of two medicines- Mifepristone and Cytotec. Both these meds are well known and are used in combination so that it can help women to end the pregnancy effectively.

One pill of Mifepristone is used so that it can help to stop the growth of the pregnancy. The secondary pill used is Cytotec and this helps to remove the pregnancy tissues from the body in the form of bleeding. Apart from the process, women need to understand that these pills do work only if the gestation period of the pregnancy is not more than 9 weeks.

Other than ultrasound how can women confirm the success of abortion?

Cytotec online contains prostaglandin elements and this pill brings the hormonal changes in the body and helps to remove the pregnancy contents from the body. Since this pill brings the contraction women can experience abdominal cramps which are followed by bleeding and this can start within 24 hours of administrating the Cytotec pill.

Bleeding and cramping are the two symptoms that are the symptoms of having pregnancy abortion. Women can typically rely on these symptoms to know eh effective working of the abortion pills. It is said that women do bleed for a week or more depending upon the gestation period and hence women should not only rely on the symptoms of abortion.

Is the ultrasound test necessary after one does have an abortion?

Ultrasound tests are not always necessary as the pregnancy tests can also help women to know about the effective working of the pills. However, an ultrasound test is one of the best options which help women to know the exact picture and accuracy of the pills. Hence, women can have an ultrasound test after having an abortion to know the exact status of the pregnancy.

If women are supposed to have an ultrasound test after abortion, then it is suggested that women do wait for 10-15 days and then have an ultrasound test. Before 10-15 days you may not get the proper results, hence do seek help from health care providers for the right date of follow-up.