Ancient abortion method that makes you thankful towards modern abortion methods

No matter how many years have passed, but abortion remains a subject of taboos in society. Seeing the passionate debates about abortion at present we forgot how the ancient history of abortion was like. The time back when women were not available with online Abortion Pills or even surgical abortion, women practiced dangerous and deadly methods which would make them terminate the pregnancy.

Some of the historical methods which were practiced would make women feel thankful to today’s abortion method which provides ease and comfort to the women.

Below mentioned are a few methods which have been practiced by women during the ancient time in order Abortion Pill to abort the pregnancy.

Shaking or beating brutally on the abdomen

The ancient Greeks had a number of suggestions that could favor abortion, but this method did not help to have an abortion but also can be fatal for women. These women were counseled to do backbreaking labor, throw themselves from the stairs, do horse riding, jumping up and down, mountain climbing and many other activities which could at times result in death.

If one is seeking the oldest portrayal of abortion from Cambodia from around the year 1150 AD then they can come across that the portray depicts a demon from a different world hitting on the abdomen of women in order to induce abortion. Also, some other techniques such as brutal beating with a bat, meat pulverizer and kneading of the abdomen were practiced in order to induce abortion during ancient times.

Suppositories which were made of various stuff

During ancient times it was believed that inserting a pessary vaginally which soaked the dangerous substance. The substances such as mouse poop, goose fats, ergot fungus, honey, resin, Egyptian salt, and camel saliva. It was believed that when such substances were inserted in the vagina they proved to be toxic and would harm the fetus.

At times women also were allowed to insert alive leeches inside the womb which induced miscarriage.

Stabbing vagina and douching it roughly

Today to get the pregnancy, women either do order Mifepristone and Misoprostol online to get the pregnancy terminated or undergo surgical abortion wherein forceps and scalpels were used to induce abortion. During ancient times, the abortion providers used for the embryo with things such as coat hangers, hooks, iron rod glass, needles, spikes, and curling irons. Not only these women also used to use liquids such as soapy water, saltwater, turpentine, gin, and many other things, embryo scalding liquids to douche aggressive and desperately in order to abort the unplanned pregnancy.


The use of opium to cause abortion can be traced in history. It was mentioned in various literature and text, how the use of the opium with mandrake root or gum resin or how the use of different types of pepper would result in miscarriage.

Ancient history can help you know how thankful should we be today to get the abortion done under the experts. Also today we do have an option of medical abortion wherein we can easily get the pregnancy terminated at home corners even.