Is it common to have white discharge after an abortion?

Yes, the white discharge which can be noticed after having an abortion is normal. All women over a certain period of age may experience vaginal discharge. Usually, when women do have vaginal discharge it is cloudy and also clear in color, at times women can experience the discharge getting yellow and also dry. Normal vaginal discharge can contain some flecks but at times it is sticky and thin and it doesn’t have any sort of odor. The smell, transparency or thickness of the vaginal secretion completely depends upon the various factors such as sexual arousal, pregnancy, abortion, and emotional support.

The below-given blog can help women to know why the discharge after abortion can be normal.

Usually, the glands in the cervix and vagina produce a small number of fluids that can pass through the body every day and this helps to eliminate the old cells from your vagina.

The normal discharge which can be experienced every day helps to keep the vagina clean and also it helps the vagina to be lubricated and keep away from the infections. A normal discharge that can be experienced does not have any foul smell and have no odor. Usually, when women do have menstrual periods, she can experience red discharge which is bleeding and this happens due to hemoglobin been observed in the discharge and after 3-5 days this bleeding may stop.

When women do have a medical abortion with the help of online Abortion Pills it is common for her to experience the bleeding for two weeks. The bleeding, however, gets lighter once the fetus from the body gets dispelled. When women do administrate Misoprostol pill from MTP kit it is common to experience bleeding or spotting for 2-24. Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills from the MTP kit helps women to get the pregnancy terminated effectively. However, if women do have a successful abortion, then she may experience the flushing of the fetus after the administration of Misoprostol pill. The bleeding gets lighter after the fetus is flushed out from the body. Hence, after the abortion process gets completed it is common that women may experience the white discharge. In case if you experience the discharge of another color such as green, yellow, pink, brown, etc. or your discharge smells foul then you need to go immediately for medical checkup.

Below given are few cases when women need to seek help from the medical experts.

You need to visit the health care provider if:

  1. You do experience strong vaginal odor
  2. Spotting or bleeding, which is not related to your menstruation
  3. Change in vaginal discharge such as experiencing discharge which is yellow, green or thick.
  4. Itching, redness or irritation in your vagina or the area of the skin that covers vulva and vagina.


After one does online order MTP kit and has bleeding or had menstrual bleeding one must look after the self- care at home. This can help women avoid unnecessary negative effects.

  • Use over-the-counter cream for itching or yeast infection
  • Make use of cold compress such as ice perks so that the discomfort caused to the vulva can be released.

If the symptoms do not go away, then seek an appointment and seek a doctor.

Vaginal discharge is normal and at times it creates a certain problem for women of all ages. Hence, if you find something unusual then you need to seek medical help.