What causes rib pain during pregnancy and how to prevent it?

There are a number of women who get pregnant and there are different types of symptoms that can be experienced by women. During the initial stage when women are pregnant, she does have a chance to decide to continue with the pregnancy or terminate the pregnancy. When it comes to termination women can make use of the online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated. As the trimester passes women cannot opt to have a medical abortion and may have to go through a surgical abortion.

Women during pregnancy if are having rib pain, then it is normal and this is usually experienced during the third trimester as the baby grows. Women who have rib pain do not have to worry much as this is the result of the baby kicking in your ribs, stretching under your ribs or just moving around your ribs. There are very rare cases wherein such conditions do occur due to medical conditions.

Causes of rib pain during the pregnancy

The following are some causes which rib the pain during the pregnancy.

Musculoskeletal changes

There are a number of changes that are being experienced when women are pregnant. Amongst such many changes rib pain is one of them. Due to pregnancy, the movement of a few parts of the body is restricted and your body does expand to a limited extent. Due to the musculoskeletal changes, it is common for women to experience rib pain. 


Pregnancy is a delicate time when women do have to look after every small thing. During pregnancy, women are at risk of having gallstone and happen due to the higher level of estrogen and slower emptying of the gallbladder and biliary ducts both of this can lead to the formation of the gallstones and may create complications.


During pregnancy, relaxin is produced in the body and this is a hormone that soothes the muscles and prepares the body for childbirth. This hormone is responsible for the skeletal pain which occurs during pregnancy and this hormone is responsible for relaxing part of the esophagus and hence most of the women are prone to heartburn during pregnancy.

Remedies that can help you treat rib pain

The following are some remedies that can help you treat rib pain.

Visit a chiropractor

It is necessary some adjustments must be made to the skeletal system so that the baby is in the right position as well a lot of stress of pregnancy does shift from your body. This adjustment can help to settle the baby in the lower position and some pressure off of your ribs.

Use an exercise ball

During pregnancy carrying out strenuous exercise is not recommendable and hence you can make the use of the simple exercise ball which helps to deal with the pregnancy easily. Especially during pregnancy if you have rib pain you can drape yourself on your back on the ball and do some roll outs. 


It may seem to be the last things which you can do, but doing a few gentle exercises such as yoga and stretching can help your muscle loss. Also, this helps you and your baby to be healthy. 

There are a number of women who are pregnant and do face each and every pain and joy at this stage. If women do not wish to continue with the pregnancy or are not ready for the parenthood then she can simply online order MTP kit and get the pregnancy terminated.