Food that is rich in iron and helps to fight iron deficiency

During the gestation number of things are to be kept in mind and should be taken care of. Pregnancy and the stages of pregnancy are sensitive and hence it is necessary that one must take care during this stage. Several women do prefer to terminate a pregnancy during the early trimester. During the early trimester, women can simply buy cheap Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated at the fingertips. 

While a woman is pregnant, there are chances that she might have to deal with some deficiencies. Certain deficiencies can not only affect the pregnancy, but can also the health of the mother. The deficiencies that occur during gestation are the ones that might lead to complications and hence women need to take care of all the deficiencies during the gestation. 

Most of the women are likely to have a deficiency of iron and this further can lead to anemia. Iron is a mineral and hence it does have several effects on the functions of the body and also iron is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout your body. 

Below mentioned are the foods that are rich in iron and helps women to deal with iron deficiencies


Shellfish is nutritious and tasty and also it is the richest source of iron. One can simply consume clams, mussels, and oysters that are the rich content of iron and help women to have improved iron levels. Not only iron helps to deal with deficiencies, but also it helps to improve HDL cholesterol in blood and heart issues. There are certain shellfish that should not be consumed even though they have iron. Hence it is necessary that one does know with the help of health care provider and know the fish that can be consumed and avoided.


Spinach is beneficial for your health, but does only contain few calories. Consuming only 100grams can help you increase 2.7mg of iron. Although the non-heme iron is not absorbed, Spinach also does provide Vitamin C in the body. It is necessary that one must boost iron absorption with the help of Vitamin C. 


Nutrients are the one that is essential for the health of women and hence the best way to get nutrients is legumes. Some common types of legumes that can be consumed are chickpeas, soybeans, beans, and lentils. Also, some of the beans such as black bean, navy bean, and kidney bean can be consumed to increase the intake of iron in the body. Legumes are high soluble fiber and this can help you feel full and reduce calorie intake. Also, the legumes are the one which can help you she some weight. Hence, to maximize the iron one can simply accompany Legume with Vitamin C such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, or greens. 

Pumpkin seeds

The portable snacks that can be consumed are pumpkin seeds. Even consuming 1 ounce of pumpkin seeds can make your body contain 2.5mg of iron. Pumpkin seeds are the great sources of Vitamin K, Zinc, and Manganese and also this helps you reduce the risk of insulin resistance, depression, and diabetes. 


Quinoa is a popular grain also known as a pseudocereal. Even consuming one cup of cooked Quinoa helps you get at least 2.8mg of iron. Quinoa is higher in protein as compared to other grains as well is rich in folate, manganese, magnesium, and nutrients. Antioxidants are the ones that can help to protect the cells from damage. 

Women whenever do have a pregnancy; it is recommended that they do seek help about foods to be consumed and not to be consumed. Women who do not wish to continue the pregnancy can order MTP kit and get rid of gestation. Even after terminating the pregnancy, women do require to deal with iron deficiencies due to blood loss