Dealing with Post-traumatic stress disorder while healing from abortion

Coping with PTSD in life becomes overwhelming and hence it is necessary that one must cope up with the disorder. PTSD may affect women after having an abortion and hence it is necessary that women must practice all the measures that can help to deal with stress disorder post-abortion. Women once order online Abortion Pills are likely to have a few effects post-abortion. Not only post-traumatic stress disorder is likely to be experienced by a few women and it becomes necessary that one does seek an appropriate remedy to get it treated. 

Signs and symptoms that indicate you have PTSD

Usually when women do have PTSD the symptoms during the initial stage are likely to be mild and further, they get severe. Below are the symptoms that can be experienced post-abortion if you have PTSD:

Intrusive memories

Intrusive memories are the ones that may haunt you during midnights. The recurring nightmare or flashbacks are the one that affects you and keep haunting you all the time.


Women with PTSD are the one that might make you avoid places, peoples, or events that may haunt you. Avoiding this may create an emotional barrier and may make you avoid even talking about such events.

Negative thoughts

Anxiety and panic attacks are the one that creates a temporary feeling of dread. Due to having such issues one might lose interest in hobbies and might not enjoy the work they used to enjoy.

Change in psychical reactions

All of a sudden you might come across that you suddenly start jumping hearing the sound of the fire cracks indulges in excessive drinking, or substance abuse can be experienced.

Coping with PTSD 

Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress disorder proves to be a struggle for women. Especially after having an abortion, it becomes more difficult to deal. Below mentioned are the things that can be taken care of and can help you deal with it.

Know what triggers you

After experiencing the trauma, one is likely to remember the incident every day. If you find yourself jumping or running after hearing the sound of a horn or feel that your stomach drops after hearing some sounds then you are dealing with overly emotional reactions. 

Hence, if you are experiencing mental health professional then your health care provider would help you deal with such a situation slowly. 

Practice the techniques that make you feel relaxed

Once you start getting a panic attack you have nothing to do instead you need to practice something that can help you relax. To reverse the panic or prevent it you simply need to control your breathing as this can help you deal with anxiety. To relax do take long breaths and slow breaths, practice inhalation, and exhalation so that it can help you calm down. This will help you to relax and calm your nervous system down. Daily meditation is one of the best ways that prove to be effective for you. The meditation process can help you relax and maintain stress.

Ground yourself

Grounding is the best way that can help you feel calm and this is the best technique that can be practiced by women. You only need to look around and enjoy the calmness. Notice the sound of blowing air, the passing cloud, and recognize the life and its form. 

Join a support group

When such conditions occur, try to join some group that can support you. When you do join such groups, you can come across that there are a number of women who have PTSD and they do join such groups and share such experiences. 

Women those who buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol might have Post-Traumatic Stress disorder can follow the above mentioned.