Guide to clear your confusion between contraceptive pills and Abortion Pills

There are women those who get confused between the contraceptives and the Abortion Pills, but both the pills work only to help you to avoid the unplanned pregnancy. Both remedies are trusted and can be used safely to avoid unplanned pregnancy. 

What are contraceptive pills and what is the use?

These pills are the hormonal pills which help women to avoid pregnancy. These pills are prescribed by the doctors so that women can avoid dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. These pills are the best option that you can use after indulging in any sexual activity. This pill helps you to prevent the childbirth due to which it is called as a birth control measure. Also, there are many other methods like intrauterine device but birth control pills are been mostly prescribed and used. These pills are usually used soon after having sexual activity so that pregnancy can be avoided.

What are Abortion Pills and what are they used for?

Abortion Pills are the pills that help women to terminate the unplanned pregnancy and are used so that pregnancy can be eliminated. This is the best option if contraceptives fail and these pills are used after you get pregnant. This pill helps you to avoid unplanned pregnancy after you get pregnant.

What is the difference between contraceptive pills and Abortion Pills?

Abortion Pills are used when women confirm the pregnancy and plan to end the pregnancy via the medical method.

Emergency contraceptive pills are used when you have unprotected sexual intercourse and there are chances of getting pregnant. In such cases, if a couple wishes to avoid the pregnancy from occurring then you need to use contraceptive pills within 72 hours after having sexual activity 

How does both the pills work to avoid pregnancy?

Mifepristone and misoprostol kit help to stop the pregnancy from growing and makes the uterus to contract so that fetus is been expelled. The use of Abortion Pills helps you to have a complete process of termination.

Emergency contraceptive pills are used so that they reduce the chances of getting pregnant. These pills help to delay ovulation by interfering with sperm movement and due to this the sperms do not enter the egg and the fertilization process does not occur. 

Side effects

After you buy MTP kit and have termination you can have some of the side effects like cramps, mild fever, nausea, and diarrhea. 

The use of contraceptives results in side effects like nausea, dizziness, fatigue, breast tenderness, and headache.


If you are pregnant then you need to make sure that you do seek help from the health care provider and get a prescription so that you can terminate the pregnancy. You need to consult a gynecologist so that they can confirm your gestation period and prescribe you the medicines as per the gestation period to terminate the pregnancy.

If you want to use contraceptive pills then you do not need to seek any of the medical help. You can simply purchase Abortion Pills and prevent yourself from getting pregnant.