Signs that you have hormonal imbalances

Hormonal levels do keep changing while a woman is supposed to have a menstrual period. There is a slight shift while you have periods and the hormones do keep fluctuating while you have periods, pregnancy or you are near the period of having menopause. 

Hormonal imbalance

Hormones are chemically produced with the different glands and tissue and this is a part of the endocrine system. Hormones are the ones that are delivered to the organs and tissues in the body with the help of the bloodstream. The hormones are responsible for giving a message to the organs about their activities. Hormones in the body are responsible for most of the process, right from pregnancy to periods, everything depends upon the hormones. When women do have no periods, the hormonal imbalance can be a reason and most of them think of its pregnancy. Women with pregnancy can order Abortion Pills, but before doing so know whether you have a hormonal imbalance or not. 

Below mentioned are some of the signs of hormonal imbalance

There is a wide range of symptoms that can trigger the female hormones and result in hormonal imbalance. Depending upon the hormones that do not work properly women are likely to have a hormonal imbalance. 

Excessive weight gain

When women do have an imbalance of hormones, they are likely to gain weight. The increased level of estrogen, insulin, cortisol, and low level of thyroxin increases the belly fat and makes it difficult for women to shed some weight. 

Sweaty skin

Sweaty skin is another symptom that indicates about the hormonal imbalance. Excessive sweating is an indication that you do have a hormonal imbalance and it is necessary to control the body temperature. 

Decreased sex drive

When one does have hormonal changes then it is likely to have fluctuated libido. The sex hormones are produced by the ovaries and when the estrogen and progesterone level fluctuate the sexual drive gets affected. 

Hair loss

Losing some hair every day is common, but losing a lot of them is a warning that you might have some problems. When one does have too much hair loss ensure that you do know the reason behind having hair loss. One of the biggest reasons behind having hormonal imbalance is a thyroid hormone. Due to low thyroid hormone, there is hair loss and hence you need to keep a check on the symptoms you have. 

Extreme fatigue

Every person gets tired from time to time and if you have constant tiredness then you are likely to have a thyroid gland. Constant fatigue results due to the imbalance of thyroid hormone thyroxin. Also, sometimes hormone imbalance can result in a lack of sleep and stress. 

Persistent acne

Usually, when women do have acne they think it is due to some skin issue, but there are chances that it might occur due to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance is a reason due to which women have acne and can make the condition worse. Androgens are the reason due to which women are likely to have an acne problem. 

Loss of muscular mass

Lack of hormones is the one that makes it difficult for women to keep muscles strong. To reverse the age-related muscle weakness women can consume tomatoes and apples. 

Hot flashes and night sweats

Women during the perimenopause period are likely to have hot flashes and night sweats. At least 80% of women do have such issue and during the perimenopause period, you can simply seek help from a gynecologist. Though perimenopause cannot be reversed the signs or the problems that you have can be treated under the supervision of health care providers.