Chances of pregnancy after having an abortion

Millions of questions cross your mind when you decide about pregnancy or abortion. Pregnancy though goes smooth, the ups and downs are likely to hit during an abortion. The whole process is a bit disturbing, but works in favor of women to end the gestation. Usually, when women do have unwished gestation, they Abortion Pills online buy and use these tablets to get rid of the gestation. Women do completely rely on these tablets as they’re approved by the FDA and works in favor of women.

The process to have an abortion

Women are recommended to use Mifepristone and Misoprostol to cancel the gestation. Follow the process (1 Mifepristone, 4 Misoprostol)

  1. On day 1, start with Mifepristone 200mg with a glass of water, and this works to separate the pregnancy parts from the body. 
  2. On day 2, or after 24 hours of using the first tablet, administrate the secondary tablet known as Misoprostol. 

The different process is to be followed when you’re guided to use only Misoprostol tablets. One needs to use 12 tablets of the prostaglandin tablet to cancel the gestation. Follow the mentioned process:

  1. One needs to start with 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200 mcg each and can administrate these tablets either vaginally or buccally. Once you’re done with the use of 4 tablets, maintain a gap of 3 hours and then use the other 4 tablets, and repeat the process once more.

Infection after abortion

After the administration of the secondary tablet, women are likely to have a ripened cervix and this works in favor of women to end the gestation. The chances of having an infection after having an abortion increase due to the sensitivity. The vagina becomes vulnerable to infection during this period.

Hence, women are recommended to take care of the activities they indulge in to avoid the risk of having an infection.

Post-abortion check-up

Women after using Misoprostol tablets are recommended to have a check-up. A post-abortion check-up is mandatory and should be done only after 14-20 days of having an abortion. Unless you undergo an ultrasound test, women are recommended to wait to indulge in any sort of sexual activity or strenuous physical activities.

Pregnancy after an abortion

Women after having an abortion with Misoprostol need to know this Abortion Pill does not cause any effect on future pregnancy. After having an abortion, women need to wait for at least a month or a maximum of 3 months, and this helps to strengthen your uterus to hold the baby. 

After having an abortion, women can conceive again, and this should be done only after consulting a health care provider. 

Usually, after 2-3 weeks of using online Misoprostol, following-up becomes mandatory. If a woman wants to indulge in intimacy, then using birth control remedies is prescribed.

This whole concept can help to avoid gestation again. Also, while having sexual intimacy, the penetration or sharing of vaginal fluids or blood should be avoided affects the healing process. 

One need not worry about the chances of getting pregnant after an abortion. The abortion process does not cause any effect on pregnancy, and one can easily conceive without much issue.