Is it possible to have babies after the age of 40 and give birth?

Women today will prioritize health and financial stability first. Hence, having kids at an early age is avoided. When women do land in problems such as unwished gestation, they do first prefer undergoing medical abortion and order online abortion pills. Well, women having an abortion need to look into that they do choose the right time to get pregnant. A lot of time women do have an abortion during the early stage, but later they feel guilty if they do not become able to conceive properly.

Well, having an abortion every time is not right, but who says having a baby at the age of 40 is not possible?

You too can conceive after the age of 40 but the chances are less and risks are more. Also, there are chances you might end up not conceiving.

The benefits of having kids later

Sometimes you should look after the pros of conceiving later. Well having an abortion always is not a good choice and women might end up having some or other issues later too. But everything comes with pros and cons and late pregnancies too do come with their tags. 

When you’re conceiving late, you are financially strong and have a strong career due to which raising a child becomes a bit easy.

You are in stable relation till that time and having a baby with your partner is a good choice.

Risk in later pregnancies

Well, as mentioned everything comes with pros and cons, late pregnancy does have risks. Due to advanced technology women can conceive, but there are lots of other underlying conditions that decide whether the pregnancy can be continued for the full term or not.

Some of the most common disorder that might affect your health includes high blood pressure, diabetes, and ectopic pregnancy and low birth weight.

The effect of age on fertility

There are many cases wherein women do conceive smoothly, but there are cases wherein women do find it difficult to continue the pregnancy. 

Women who find conceiving difficult are made available with options such as

  1. Surrogacy
  2. Infertility treatment such as IVF
  3. Sperm banks
  4. Freezing eggs at your younger age

Amongst all the reasons, as the age of women increases, there are fewer chances that women might conceive as eggs and the quality of eggs in women begin to decline.

Is it difficult to carry the pregnancy if you conceive in 40 or later?

Conceiving the pregnancy itself is a task when you’re in your 40’s. Continuing becomes more difficult and hence you’re likely to have aches and pains in bones and joints due to which you feel fatigued. Also, you might have to be closely monitored under the supervision of a health care provider for blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

How does delivery or labor get affected during this age?

Some women easily conceive and choose to order MTP kit and get rid of easily during this situation. If you’re continuing the pregnancy, then a normal delivery or vaginal delivery is not possible. Also, the risk of premature birth is more likely to occur. If you have vaginal birth more chances of stillbirth occurs and hence, choose the way your health care provider suggests you.