Is post-abortion syndrome, a real one?

How convenient is it for every person to point out women and judge them just for using online Abortion Pills? Well, having an abortion is a personal decision, and yet few women are judged for it. Well, some women do bravely deal with it while some do find it really difficult to cope up. There are various things that occur depression, guilt and even a few women end up having the post-abortion syndrome.

Abortion is a topic that is discussed and every person has a different belief, myths, and thoughts regarding it.

Plenty of debate links abortion and severe emotional disorder. Though this is a traumatic experience, the post-abortion syndrome is a term used to describe intense distress that has an impact on the mental health of a person.

Some people do say post-abortion syndrome is a medical condition while some do say it's just because you had an abortion.

Well to clear the confusion, having the best idea about abortion and post-abortion syndrome is mandatory.

Symptoms that indicate about post-abortion syndrome

Don’t confuse those symptoms with post-traumatic stress disorder as few symptoms are similar and include

  • Flashback
  • Depression
  • Tearfulness
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Fear of future pregnancy
  • Relationship issue
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Nightmares

Some people also state that this condition causes relationship problems as well affects the sexual behavior or interest of a woman. Some symptoms include

  • Losing interest in sex
  • Withdrawing from a sexual partner
  • Experiencing an increased interest in sexual life

These symptoms have persisted to continue for years or weeks or a few days

Is post-abortion syndrome real?

Well, there is no such evidence that after using online Mifeprex and Cytotec tablets you might have the post-abortion syndrome. Also, it doesn’t state that you might have any impact on mental health. Hence, women having abortion need to know, everybody is different and react in a different manner.

What does affect women after they have an abortion?

While mental health gets affected the actual diagnoses do not recognize about the post-abortion syndrome. This completely depends upon how a woman feels and what has affected her. Some of the things that might affect include


Emotions are not easy to deal with and hence taking such a rash decision is likely to affect your negatively. Even if you feel relieved after having an abortion, the experience of grief and sadness is likely to occur. For a short period after abortion, sadness covers you, but doing something that helps you recover should be practiced.


Of course, women do choose to have an abortion so that they do feel relief and do not want to carry the pregnancy to full term. Whether, you know, you did right or wrong, you need to know that it helps relieve you from a situation.

Why do fewer women feel more distressed?

Well, when you order Mifeprex and Misoprostol and end the gestation, there are lots of questions that hit your mind. Women do take the decision of abortion, but a lot of time is not supported by partner and family, sometimes women do not wish to abort but the health conditions force it. Hence, women need to ensure that they do choose some methods that help to feel distressed about the process.