Why is there always a conflict between medical abortion and surgical abortion?

There are ample of reasons behind women arriving at a decision. Women who have spontaneous pregnancy need to look into that they do have some or option that helps women. Well, there are options, but choosing one is a bit difficult. While online Abortion Pills can be used by women but there is always a conflict between choosing medical and surgical abortion.

Some of the points that clear about both the types of the method include


Be it medical abortion or surgical abortion, women have to bear few expenses.

When it comes to surgical abortion women need to spend on doctors' fees, operation fees, and many other things. Medical abortion is one such method that helps women terminate and the cost included in this process is the cost of checking once with the health care provider and the cost of tablets. 

After considering the cost factor, medical abortion wins against surgical one.

Easy to access

Medical abortion and surgical abortion cannot be accessed unless you’re sure about the incubation. Even the same is the case with surgical abortion and one needs to check the checklist to know about it.

Medical abortion is easy to access, you only need to get the pregnancy confirmed and then buy online Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets to end the pregnancy. While having a surgical abortion, women need to have access to clinics and seek help from health care assister.


While having abortion women prefer having privacy or not letting anyone know about the pregnancy or abortion. Women undergoing medical abortion have a choice to maintain privacy by purchasing Mifepristone and Misoprostol via e-stores. While surgical abortion doesn’t help to maintain the same level of privacy.

No stress of injury

Well, there are still regions wherein the surgeries are not performed by health care assister or not so experienced person and this is likely to cause some injury. Even if the experienced person or assister practices the surgery, there is a 1% chance of having an infection. While having a medical abortion, women do not have to worry much as the Abortion Pills are approved by the FDA and help women to end the pregnancy. Even if the termination fails, women can have a surgical abortion and the chances of having any injury are not possible or rare.

Non-invasive method

Well, there are certain reasons behind using Mifepristone and Cytotec tablets and only a certain number of women can choose to have an abortion. Though this is a painful process, women do prefer to use Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets as it is a non-invasive process and helps women to get rid of the pregnancy without the intervention of any surgical equipment. While the surgical abortion is performed only by a team of experts who help to get rid of the pregnancy. Also, a lot of women prefer to avoid surgical abortion. 

Well, be it any method, women need to first learn whether they fulfill the criteria to use those Abortion Pills or not and then continue using them to get rid of the incubation.