How are infertility and reproductive health issues linked?

Your reproductive organs are something that helps us conceive and become parents it men or women, every person does have a soft corner when it comes to conceiving and becoming a parent. Well, a huge number of women do land in problems sometimes and they do prefer using online Cytotec tablets to get rid of the gestation. Women who land in a problem such as unplanned pregnancy need to know few struggles to become parents. Care of reproductive organs of women should be taken by themselves to protect themselves and their future.

Infertility occurs in a woman when a woman becomes unable to conceive for a consecutive year. There are a number of reasons behind having Infertility and hence, women are recommended to take utmost care and avoid such situations. Though infertility occurs in various women, there are various treatments that can be chosen and help women get rid of such an unpleasant situation.


  • The foremost symptom that indicates about infertility is an inability to conceive.
  • The second reason is having a longer menstrual cycle or shorter one.
  • Absence of ovulation

Well, there are certain times when you need to see your health care provider, as per your age. 

Women above 40 years

If your age is more than 40 years, you need to simply get some tests done and seek the right treatment.

Age up to 35

Women who are up to 35 need to try getting pregnant atleast for a year and if they don’t conceive then seeking medical treatment is guided.

Between 35 to 40

You need to discuss the concern with your health care provider and then seek treatment if you can’t conceive within 6 months.


Women who find infertility need to know there are some essential conditions that you need to know

Normal uterus and open fallopian tube

Eggs ad sperms meet in the tube and to let the pregnancy grow, one needs to have a healthy uterus. While an embryo grows, women need to know there are all the essentials provided to the fetal particles via the fallopian tube.

Your partner must have sperms

Pregnancy is possible only when sperms meet the eggs and hence you need to know that whether you’re infertile or your partner.

If you have some doubts, you can get yourself as well as your partner checked and know the possibility of seeking treatment.

You should ovulate

Ovulation is an important part that decides whether a woman is likely to have a pregnancy or not. If a woman doesn’t ovulate then the chances of getting pregnant get reduced and even fertility chances get decreased due to this, you need to keep a track of your ovulation. 

Get into intercourse

Without having a sexual engagement how is it possible to have pregnancy? Well, this doesn’t mean you need to get into sexual activity every now and then.

Do try to engage in sexual activities as much as possible and this helps you know whether you’re fertile or not. 

Infertility in a woman does occur due to various reasons and one needs to consider all the aspects and then decide about the treatment under the supervision of a health care provider.