How do irregular periods play role in menstrual periods?

Some or the other problem do occur with women when it comes to reproductive health. Women need to take of the reproductive organ from day one to make everything work in sync. The menstrual period is a start wherein women need to know a few things that help to know about everything. Women at times do land in unwished gestation due to irregular periods and using an online MTP kit becomes a necessity. Irregular periods are something that is considered to be irregular only if the window cycle is more than 38 days. 

There are various reasons behind having irregular periods and one of the reasons is hormonal imbalance and several other conditions. Below mentioned causes and symptoms are the ones that can be checked under the guidance of a health care provider and can help you know what treatment helps you.


One of the most common reasons behind having irregular periods is miscarriage. Women when do have missed a period, your doctor might ask you the very first question regarding sexual intimacy. If you have been sexually active then seeking help from a health care provider and letting your health care provider know about the sexual sessions helps you know the right cause behind irregular periods.


Prolactin is a hormone that is produced in the body during milk production. Prolactin suppresses the reproductive hormones and results in a lighter or no period. Hence, one needs to stop breastfeeding to have periods as this does impact a little.


When it comes to irregular periods and one doesn’t have PCOS as a doubtful case, then it is a bit worrying. After pregnancy, PCOS hits a huge number or f women and this is likely to affect your periods. Also, further, this condition leads to a situation such as weight gain, excess facial and body hair, and infertility.

Uterine fibroids

Well, this sounds like big trouble, but is not. Fibroids are muscular tumors that develop within the wall of the uterine and continue growing. Mostly they are non-cancerous and do vary in size. They cause painful periods as well women at times have heavy bleeding, that later results in anemia, and hence, women are recommended to keep a track of periods and avoid such unpleasant conditions.

Hormonal birth control

Women today are familiar with hormonal pills and they tend to avoid pregnancy. Hence, using this remedy causes too many hormonal changes due to which irregular bleeding can be experienced. Birth control pills at tomes cause spotting between periods as well the periods become lighter.

Thyroid problem

One of the reasons behind having infertility is thyroid problems and this can be well managed only if, you get diagnosed during the initial stage. Women with thyroid problems do find it really difficult to conceive as well certain times, having periods more smoothly becomes challenging for them. Hence, choosing the treatment under the guidance of a health care provider is mostly recommended. 

Not only the mentioned, but there are ample of other issues that can be experienced by women due to irregular periods. Also, women need to consider the treatment to get such issues or disorders managed well.