Is there any difference between missed periods and menstrual periods?

When it comes to the menstrual period, women are confused about the term and wish to learn them properly. Well, this is nothing to worry about, the internet has every bit of information that one wants to access. Similar to the online Abortion Pill, and contraceptives, irregular periods and missed periods seem similar. There is a slight difference and one simply needs to know about them by gathering as much as possible information.

Some women do have periods every month like clockwork.

It hits you the same day or almost near the day and this is a surprise. Well, this doesn’t happen to everyone and might be trouble causing problems. Having irregular periods or missed period doesn’t mean you’re pregnant, there are various reasons. It is common to have irregular periods but missing periods can be a cause of concern. 

Is it normal to miss periods?

An irregular period is a case when women do end up having a period late. The menstrual cycle of 21 to 35 days if is exceeded it is considered as late or irregular periods.

While a missed period is wherein women do end up not having a period for a month. 

When is the situation considered to be a concern?

Missing a period is a cause of concern as it might result in amenorrhea. This can happen due to various reasons and the absence of menstruation for consecutive three months indicates breastfeeding, pregnancy, and premenopause. Various lifestyle factors have an effect on menstrual periods and hence, one needs to be attentive towards tracking the periods. 

What conditions can be considered while you end up having missed periods?

Some of the common causes that affect your periods and can be a reason behind missed periods include:

Low body weight

Many times low body weight is one of the reasons behind having irregular and missed periods. There are people who end up having eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia and they’re likely to have an absence of menstruation. This can cause you to have low weight as well you might stop ovulating. 


One of the major disorders that affect menstruation in women is stress. Stress contributes to almost every disorder and hence, one needs to be careful with the amount of stress they have. Dealing with stress becomes necessary as this accompanies you throughout your life. Hence, do try to practice some hobbies or techniques that help you feel good and relieved from the stress. 

Chronic disorder

Today, life is hectic and due to stress, anxiety, and many other issues, a person does end up having various disorders. Some do have basic issues, while some do have chronic disorders such as poorly controlled diabetes, blood pressure, and others.

Women having any medical condition is likely to be the reason behind missed periods. 

Thyroid issues

Similar to irregular periods, missed periods can occur in women who end up having thyroid issues. Women can simply go through a few tests and this helps to know about the problem you have and get the treatment for thyroid issues that helps to manage them. Every second woman does end up having missed periods, or thyroid issues, treating them at the right time is something that helps women.