Things one needs to know about Autism

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There are a few disorders such as Autism and this is likely to affect an infant.

Autism spectrum disorder or ASD is a term that describes a group of neurodevelopmental disorders. This disorder usually can be experienced while one does look after the overall interaction of an infant. A problem while communicating or during social interaction if an infant experiences problem, is considered as Autism.

Different types of Autism

There are few types of autism, below mentioned are to be considered and include

  • Associated with a neurodevelopmental, behavioral, and mental disorder
  • Catatonia
  • With or without language impairment
  • With or without intellectual impairment

What are the symptoms of autism and what should one know about it?

Autism symptoms are evident since childhood and should be taken care of since childhood. Also, a mother needs to be careful when such symptoms occur. The basic problem that you can experience is, your kid might develop a delay in language or social development. This is the main issue that is experienced by infants who end up having autism and hence, the necessary steps are to be taken. 

Infant having problems with communication and social interaction include

  • Difficulty developing and maintaining a relationship
  • Issue while communicating and having a problem while sharing emotions, having a conversation, and sharing interests.
  • Issue while having non-verbal communications such as problem maintaining eye contact.
  • Restricted and repetitive patterns 
  • Repetitive movements, a pattern of speech or motions
  • Increase or decrease in sensitivity of the specific sensory information.

Causes behind autism

Some of the suspected reasons behind having autism include

  1. Genetic mutation
  2. Low birth weight
  3. Metabolic imbalances
  4. Having an immediate member in a family with autism
  5. Being born to older parents
  6. History of viral infections

Autism can occur due to genetic or environmental issues and this should be considered while one does seek treatment.

Which tests can help you diagnose autism?

Developmental screenings

Well, to make the disorder clear, one needs to undergo the diagnosis during the 18th-24th month and this helps to know the problem they have. Screening during an initial stage is the only method that helps healthcare assister to diagnose the cause and treatment during an early stage.

Also, do make sure that you know, screening is not an exact diagnosis and hence children screened positive for ASD might not have any such disorder.

Other tests and screening

  1. Occupational therapy screening
  2. Visual and audio therapy to know about hearing and vision impairment
  3. DNA test to know about genetic issues

Different types of diagnoses are used to rule out autism and this helps to get the disorder managed during the initial stage.