Is it right to use Cytotec vaginally or buccally?

While you end up having various issues, women need to take a few measures that help to manage the pregnancy. Women with unplanned pregnancies need to take certain measures that assist women to end an incubation during the initial stage. Women with unwished gestation need to know there are options such as online Abortion Pills that assist to have an abortion. Women having such type of pregnancy can easily choose to get rid of an incubation.

Well, while you have an abortion, there are ample of methods that one might suggest to you.

To make it easy, women need to consider all the measures and guidance recommended by health care assister. Women having an abortion are guided to use Mifeprex and Cytotec Abortion Pills to get rid of the gestation. Women recommended using termination tablets need to know the right method of administration and include.

Using termination tablets in combination

  1. Start with the use of Mifepristone 1 tablet and this anti-progesterone tablet assist to depart the pregnancy parts from the uterus. 
  2. Once you’re done with the administration of Mifepristone, wait for 24 hours and then use the Cytotec Abortion Pill to flush the pregnancy parts from the uterus. 

Using Cytotec Abortion Pill independently

Women are recommended to have an abortion when are guided to use the Cytotec Abortion Pill, and one needs to use those remedies only as per the instruction. One needs to use 12 tablets when they end up having a gestation of up to 9 weeks. The use of 4 tablets is to be one first and then wait for 3 hours. After a wait of 3 hours, women need to use 4 tablets again and repeat the process.

Well, the administration of Mifepristone is done orally, but the use of Cytotec is done two ways. 

Below mentioned are the two methods that can be used to administrate Abortion Pills.


Women guided to online order Cytotec Abortion Pill needs to know this is one of the methods that allows women to simply place the Abortion Pills in the mouth. One needs to only place the tablets buccally and allow them to dissolve in the mouth. Once the tablets begin to dissolve with the salivation process, the process takes 30 minutes to get completed.

This method is genuine but is likely to cause a nauseous feeling in a few women.


Women recommended choosing the vaginal method need to ensure the bladder is empty and then placing the Abortion Pills vaginally. This process takes 30 minute periods to let the fetal particles get departed from the uterus. 

Well, after considering both the methods, one can conclude, both these methods are genuine and assist women to achieve successful results. The buccal method is not recommended more as the chances of women puking up the tablet are more.

While you choose to use termination tablets vaginally, you’re not going to throw up the tablet that affects your abortion process. 

Hence, before you choose any method, do consider using the remedies and methods guided by health care assister.