Preventive Measures And Considerations To Use MTP Kit

MTP Kit is used to terminate an unintended pregnancy using the medicine before 9 weeks. It contains a combination of two pills called Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both of these medicines are FDA-approved that are safe and reliable to use without any adverse effects on health. But one needs to take precautions to avoid causing any unwanted side effects. Understanding the termination procedure, and the preventative measure that needs to be taken helps to reduce the risk of unfavorable side effects. 

Buy MTP Kit online as the best combination kit which helps to successfully terminate unplanned pregnancy if used as directed. Initially, Mifepristone buy is consumed by mouth with water. It functions by stopping the progesterone hormone which helps to maintain pregnancy. Later 24 to 48 hours Misoprostol online is inserted buccally or vaginally. It works by contracting the uterus and flushing out the pregnancy particle from the body.

Purchase MTP Kit online which provides many benefits such as it can be done at an early stage of pregnancy, being a non-invasive and non-surgical method, not requiring any anesthesias during the procedure, and being harmless and effective to use. But some preventative measures must be taken as it helps to effectively deal with the process and get through it without any interruptions.  

Who should not use this MTP Kit?

  • Women with pregnancy longer than 63 days (first day since the last menstrual period).
  • If had any history of allergic reaction to the medicine or any ingredient in it.
  • Women who have a certain health condition such as cardiovascular disease, liver or renal problems, hemorrhagic disorder, or bleeding problems as it may cause further complications. 
  • The women with ectopic pregnancy, that is the embryo attaches outside the uterus.
  • If using any IUD (Intra Uterine Device) or birth control device may interfere with these Abortion pills.

What to consider before using MTP Kit?

  • Take these pills at the correct dose and duration as advised for the successful termination procedure. 
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or smoking as these substances use disorders can increase toxicity and cause serious complications. 
  • Avoid consuming grapefruit during the treatment with these termination pills.
  • Avoid doing any physical activity such as running, driving, or doing any heavy work as it may affect the bleeding. 
  • It should not be used together with any other medicines unless advised by a healthcare professional.

When to seek professional guidance

There are some temporary side effects that can occur, but if pertains longer than usual should seek immediate help. 

If after administration of the medicine symptoms occurs, such as uneven heartbeats, or irregular breathing is some serious effects that need expert attention as early as possible.

Bleeding and cramps are normal, but if heavy bleeding occurs, such as soaking two pads for more than 2-5 hours should seek a healthcare professional.


Order MTP Kit online when used in the correct method for a recommended duration gives 97% effective results. But in a rare chance that is quite unusual, if any complication or condition arises one should have an informed way to handle it.