Early Abortion Options

Abortion is the method which we choose to end the pregnancy just by removing or forcing out  an embryo or fetus from the womb before it can survive on its own. The abortion can happen spontaneously and it is known as miscarriage. Sometimes it happens purposely and it is known as induced Abortion. Abortion, the term refers to an induced abortion of human pregnancy. We use medications or surgical abortions for the induced abortion. The medications like the Prostaglandin and Mifepristone are effectively in the first trimester and similar to the surgical method. The surgical methods are having lower risk when compared to the use of medications.

The birth control pill and intrauterine devices can be started after an abortion. Abortion is more common in the developed world and it is one of the safest procedures in medicine field. The world health organization tells that the safe and legal abortions are available all over the world and the unsafe abortions lead to maternal deaths and we can also come across that fact, that there are five million admissions for abortion per day at the hospitals. There are two options where we can do the abortion, and they are Medication abortion and Aspiration abortion.

Medication Abortion:

Here the abortion pill, also known as Mifepristone is taken by the person at the clinic or at the doctor’s office. The women feel nothing when they take Mifepristone, but some of them feels Nausea problem.  A second pill of Misoprostol is taken  after the 72 hours time period and it is put in our cheek for dissolving which is instructed by our doctor. Heavy-duty cramps and bleeding can last for hours. Medical abortion also known as non-surgical abortion, which is used to induce the abortion. The medical abortion comes as an alternative method of abortion, where we use prostaglandin analogs and Mifepristone.

Medical Effects:

When we counsel women, there are choices for them whether to choose the medical or surgical abortion. Both of these methods are very similar and there are only a few situations, whether we need  to recommend these methods. The medical abortion is taken into the presence of a woman. If it Is taken in the early period such as 49 days of gestation, then the medical abortion is more effective than the surgical abortion.

When the women are obese, which means that the body mass index is greater than 30 and do not have any other cardiovascular  problems, then the surgical treatment will be difficult. The surgical method is taken in the presence of a woman or whether her request for any sterilization. If she has contraindications to the medical abortion, then surgical abortion will be preferred.

Side Effects:

Medical abortions are having a small risk of problems. It happens when a woman has a miscarriage. The doctor can treat these problems easily. The woman who tries medical abortion will have to go to the doctor or any first aid center for getting proper medical care. The complications of Hemorrhage and incomplete abortion can take place. The infection in the pelvis or at uterine can happen at any time by doing medical abortion. The complications of unrecognized ectopic pregnancy  or uterine perforation can happen at any time in surgical abortion.


For doing a medical abortion, in the United States, was 900 dollars where the price has increased in a fast manner. Most of the women who had abortions paid the money and it left them out of pocket.

Aspiration Abortion:

It is a simple and a non-surgical method for ending an early pregnancy. It takes place in a few minutes and the procedure is really effective one and it is more convenient than a surgical abortion. There is no scraping of the uterus and a manual suction which is handheld is used  instead of an electric suction machine. The aspiration abortion is really safe for terminating the early pregnancies and it have been tested positive for many years. The physicians who do this procedure are really experienced ones.

What to do with Aspiration Abortion?:

Here women doctors will examine the person in the examination room and throughout this process, you  need a family friend or friend who can support you really well. In both the aspiration and medication abortions, the ultrasound with a vaginal probe tells the size of the pregnancy. It is done through a routine gynecological exam and the doctor will insert vaginal spectrum. Then the  woman’s doctor  will numb the cervix using a local Anesthetic. Here small plastic dilators are used to gently  stretch the opening of the cervix. Then a thin tube is inserted and then the plastic instrument is attached at the end of the tube.

Here the gentle suction is placed 3 minutes and at this point, we may feel cramping and the uterus then returns to the actual size. Then the doctor will remove the instruments which are used for this procedure. The patients will rest in the examination room during the recovery period to 10 minutes. Here we should have physical fitness and will be able to do our routine activities. We need to visit only once to our office and the doctor will discuss the possible side effects and we can contact the local office for getting the follow-up.


The process of the aspiration abortion will take only a few minutes and the recovery happens in a fast manner. The success rate is really high and the bleeding occurs only in less manner.  In the aspiration abortion, less bleeding occurs and it lasts for 7 days and sometimes it may last for a few weeks.


The costs depend on the type of location and timing and the facility. The aspiration abortion can take up to 300 dollars and it can range up to 950 dollars. The aspiration abortion will work 99 percent and if it fails, then we need to repeat the aspiration abortion. Aspiration abortion is really safe and it is a common procedure which is done for more than 40 years. The abortion which happens in the first eight weeks is really good and it is safer.