What Happens After Abortion Procedure Take Place

Even in today's time you will find a lot of women are scared about abortion procedures and have a lot of misconception about the same as well. One of the most common abortion method that is practiced in today's time is an aspiration abortion method. It is one of the simplest form of abortion that takes only five to ten minutes. But before the procedure of this type of abortion is carried, the health care taker make sure that your medical history is good and she will also perform a physical examination like ultrasound to know about the exact week of the pregnancy.

The number of the week of pregnancy will decide the method of the abortion to be carried on that particular woman. If the woman is 16 weeks or less pregnant, then only aspiration method will be cared for her, otherwise different abortion methods will be given a try.

The procedure of aspiration method:

In aspiration abortion method, a suction machine or handheld suction tool is used to suck the fetus out of the uterus. This method empties the uterus within five to ten minutes. It is rarely found that the methods have to be repeated to remove the fetus, otherwise within the first try, the fetus is expelled out of uterus in no time.

What it feels after abortion:

After the abortion procedure is done, the women will feel a similar pain like it is felt in menstrual cramps. Some of the women have reported that they feel a lot more pain than what they feel in their menstrual cycle. The reason for the same, depends on the medical condition of the women as well as the type of pain killer given to her after the abortion had taken place.

Your health caretaker will make sure to make you as comfortable as possible, so that you don't feel any type of pain during the procedure is taking place. But it depends upon the mental strength of the women as well. It is normal to get cramps soon after the abortion has taken place. It is best recommended that you go for a bed rest for a few days after the abortion, so that your body gets time to relax and recover from the pain and get to its normal track.

You many also bleed after abortion, which is very normal. The frequency of the bleeding depends upon the health of the women. But it will pass within a few days and you may notice a few blood clots during the menstrual period, which is also very normal. Make sure to use pads after the abortion has taken place, to avoid any risk of infection to the area of the vagina. Some women don't bleed at all after the abortion, which is also very normal.

If you are still confused about the pain that you will suffer and the frequency, duration of bleeding after abortion, it is better that you consult your doctor before going for this type of abortion.