About Tadalafil

Tadalafil is a pill which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and it is also known as Cialis used for treatment of  Pulmonary arterial hypertension, which is known as Adcirca. In the year 2011, the FDA authority approved the  Tadalafil  for treating the problems of prostatic hyperplasia. It was developed by  the ICOS biotechnology company and later it was marketed around the world under the brand name of Lilly ICOS, which was a joint venture of ICOS company. The Tadalafil tablet comes in 5mg and also it comes in 10 and 20 mg doses. It is yellow in color and it is coated with a film and it is almond shaped.

The Tadalafil tablet is developed and sold under the Tadacip name which is an Indian pharmaceutical company known as Cipla. In the year 2003, the FDA authority approved the sale of the tablet in the United States. The Tadalafil pill is an important Pill for treating the erectile dysfunction problem. In the year 2009, Tadalafil was approved in the United States for treating the problems of pulmonary arterial hypertension and in other regions, this is under the review progress. Later the Eli Lilly sold the rights for 150 million dollars for making Tadalafil a generalized product.

Side effects of Tadalafil:

The Tadalafil pill is used by more than 15000 men people. The most commonly found side effects are stomach discomfort and headache and even acid reflux can happen. The side effects reflect the PDE5 inhibition and can cause blood vessels to widen and it can last for few hours. The muscle ache and back pain can affect and it last for 24 hours after taking the pill. The signs of symptoms can last for 48 hours. In the year 2005, the FDA authority of U.S has found that the Tadalafil can cause vision problems and in some patients, using these drugs can affect their health. Those who are above the age of 50 can cause Diabetes and hypertension and even artery disease.

Interactions with the drug:

Tadalafil is a PDE5 inhibitor which can cause low blood pressure levels and it is not advised to take the organic nitrates because it may cause hypertension problems. When you take a dose of Tadalafil, it is advised not to consume any other drug for 48 hours. Those who have taken Tadalafil within the 48 hour period, then they cannot take organic nitrates and it is advised to call a medical doctor if you are feeling chest pain. The Tadalafil is usually metabolized using the CYP4A4 enzyme system.


If you are in allergic condition, do not consume the Tadalafil pill. If you  feel  a chest pain or  heart problems, then it is  advised not to take the Tadalafil drug. The nitrates can be  seen in recreational drugs like amyl nitrate and nitrite. When you consume Tadalafil with a nitrate medicine, it can give a sudden decrease in the blood pressure. It is advised to contact the doctor for getting the medical attention if you are feeling any pain in erection which last for 4 hours.

When you are facing a prolonged erection problem, sometimes it may give damage to the penis. It is advised to stop taking the Tadalafil drug and take immediate help if you are facing any vision loss.

What to avoid before taking  the Medicine?

If you are having allergy problems, it is good to avoid having Tadalafil drug. If you are feeling any chest pain or heart problems, it is  advised  not to take the Tadalafil drug. It is good to check whether you had any serious heart disease in your life. Also, check whether you had any previous heart attack problem. If you are having any liver or kidney disease, then you must consult the doctor before taking this medicine. The Tadalafil drug can decrease the flow of blood to the optic nerve, which causes the sudden vision loss.

This problem is affecting only a small percentage of people who took the Tadalafil drug. The patients will be having  the heart disease and high blood pressure levels. Sometimes it is found in people who smoke.

How to consume Tadalafil Drug?

The Tadalafil drug is taken only once in a day. It is good to follow the prescription written by the doctor. It is not advised to take the drug in small or larger quantities and the pill can be consumed with or without having any food. If you are having an erectile dysfunction problem, then it is good to take the drug before having the sexual activity and it should not be taken more than once per day. The drug can help to achieve an erection when the stimulation occurs. The erection cannot happen without taking a pill.

It is good to follow the instructions of the doctor and during the time of sexual activity, if you become dizzy or have any pain, then it is good to call the doctor immediately. It is not good to break or split the Tadalafil drug and it is good to swallow as a whole one. If you are taking Adcirca for the pulmonary arterial hypertension, then it is not good to take the Tadalafil drug for the erectile dysfunction problem. It is best to store the drug at room temperature and it is good to keep it away from heat and moisture. If you  follow the correct pattern, then you are not missing any dose as per schedule.

If you consume Tadalafil every day and if you miss any dose, then it is good to take the missed dose as fast as possible and it is good to skip the missed dose, if we need to consume the next dose as per schedule time. It is not good to take any extra medicine for making up the missed dose. If you consume grapefruit or juice, it  can lead to some side effects and it is good to avoid having grapefruit products. If you are consuming alcohol, it can increase the side effects of Tadalafil drug.