Vegetables To Boost Testosterone Production In Women

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is related to the development of muscle and libido; it is also present in women in lower proportions. The presence of testosterone in the body is very important for the smooth functioning of the sexual system. Lack of testosterone may cause severe problems in both sexes, thus it is very important for one to maintain sufficient levels of testosterone. The levels of this hormone can be maintained through various dietary supplements and naturally occurring foods. The nutrients present in certain vegetables may increase testosterone levels in the body.

Great care must be taken before the use of alternate/synthetic forms of testosterone as they may result in fatal outcomes.

Consult a doctor if you intend to alter your diet for greater testosterone levels. The testosterone boosting supplements available in the market may burn a hole in your pockets, and be dangerous for you. There are certain naturally occurring vegetables that provide the body with essential nutrients that are helpful in increasing the production of testosterone in the body that are not costly and relatively safe to consume(provided they are consumed in regulated amounts).

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is a green leafy vegetable; a rich source of fiber. It is also contains high amounts of vitamin e- which is associated to the increase of testosterone in the body. The leafy testosterone enhancer can be included in your diet in the form of salads and other raw or semi cooked preparations.

Tip: Add some of these to your plate of steak to give your body a punch of some testosterone.


Who doesn’t love olives? The tiny little wonder food is packed with health benefits. You can reap a number of benefits from olives. They can be consumed raw, and are amazing assortments for healthy salads, and diet platters. Olives are calorie-dense and have high content of fat (good fat), which make them the one thing you should include if you aim to build muscle.

A research published in the April 2009 edition of the journal "Lipids" found that oil from olives helps boost testosterone production significantly.

Tip: Olive oil can be availed easily and can be added raw to most of your daily house hold foods.

Pinto Beans

The famous Pinto beans come from the family of common beans. The whole world knows about the goodness of beans; these beans however are prescribed for an enhanced testosterone production. Pinto beans are a rich source of carbohydrates and protein. These two nutrients help speed the process of muscle recovery from workouts.

Apart from the above mentioned benefit, pinto beans have high amounts of calcium to offer too.  Calcium is involved in the enhancement of bone strength and can also increase testosterone levels - according to a research from the December 2008 edition of "Biological Trace Element Research."

Tip: Pinto beans are very popular in the United States and northwestern Mexico, and can be eaten whole in broth or mashed state. You can also use them as fillings for your burritos.


There is a reason why ‘POPEYE’ always carried his spinach around. Spinach is rich in magnesium content, and may also help women enhance their testosterone levels.

 A study from March 2010 by "Biological Trace Element Research" found that enhanced magnesium intake promoted the increase in the levels of testosterone of those who consumed it regularly.

Tip: There’s no tip on eating Spinach, its spinach!

Green Peas

Green peas are a rich source of carbohydrates and protein, and can power an active lifestyle. Green peas also come with quantities of zinc. They are commonly found in local markets, and can be easily prepared.

A Research published in the February-April 2006 issue of "Neuro Endocrinology Letters" found that zinc could promote an increase in testosterone levels and may benefit performance in athletes to a great extent.

Tip: Snack on some boiled or smeared beans with a pinch of salt, pepper and chili flakes.


Kale can be called a ‘warehouse’ of different vitamins. The green leafy veggie is recommended for everyone. Kale is a rich source of different vitamins like, vitamins A, C and K. While vitamin A is a testosterone enhancer, vitamin C and k work on testosterone production similarly.

Apart from that; it is also rich in calcium content. It is effective in raising the level of your testosterone. The leafy green is also high in calcium content.

A wholesome source of pretty much everything; Increased testosterone for increased mass, and calcium for strong bones to carry that mass around.

Tip: Add kale to your regular pasta sauce, smoothies, or simply add it to your soup.

Collard greens

Just like Swiss chard, this green leafy vegetable is a rich hub of vitamin E. Its vitamin e content helps boost the production of testosterone in the body.   In addition to vitamin E, collard greens contain cancer-preventive properties which can be related to the presence of glucosinolates found in this cruciferous vegetable. Collard greens are also known to improve the digestive system, and work as active anti inflammatory agents.

Tip: Cook the collard greens in a small amount of water, or simply steam them to preserve the vitamin content.

Now that you know what the above greens can do for you. Rush to your nearest grocery store and stock up on them, if you don’t already have a few of them lying in your fridge already.