Pointing Out The Possible Factors causing Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in men is a grave problem, and is gaining ruining the happy lives of men across the globe. The problem in common in men in their late 60’s of life, but recent living conditions, and activities carried out by the society are contributing to the cause of impotence in men. Men as young as 25 years of age are falling prey to the problem of erectile dysfunction. The inability to achieve or sustain an erection comes from various factors, some of which are


Ever increasing work load, and the need to get to the top causes immense stress in people. This stress has a negative impact on the whole body, even on one’s sex drive (libido) and sexual performance. The reason, and levels of stress varies from person to person.

Trust us, or anyone who says ‘’ DO NOT STRESS TOO MUCH’’ – if you can’t help stressing, simply indulge in stress busting activities like yoga, and other exercises.

Mental Trauma

Yes, mental trauma can also lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Mental trauma can come from anything. It can come from losing your job, to having an ugly fight with someone in the family. It could be something nasty that has upset you. Factors like these lower the libido (drive to have sex), and also inhibit the blood pressure levels of the body.

The more you keep it hidden, the stronger it gets. To a level where it hijacks your life

Seek help of a good therapist for a short bit, it will help you overcome your trauma. Do not depend solely on medications to suppress the triggers.

Repressed Memories

The past life of a person does matter, if or when the person has experienced an incident that has scarred his life. Bad remembrances, incidents, accidents, experiences in the past have the ability to haunt the mind of the victim/person. These problems, if not addressed in time, tend to get stored in the mind of the person in the form of repressed memories and can inhibit the function of the sexual system of the person.

Open up; speak to your partner about it. Doing so will help reduce the trauma, and induce comfort, trust and security.


Anxiety is the most common problem that causes erectile dysfunction in men. The basic conquests of wondering if you are good enough for her, or can you satisfy her, causes anxiety in men. When you focus excessively on pleasing her, you tend to leave yourself behind, in more than just one way. Anxiety diverts a man’s focus from the act (SEX) to wondering if he could actually do it right.

“OMG! Such a hot girl, with me?” This was one example of anxiety.

In many cases men may suffer from low self image, or low self confidence. “I have a ponch, will she like that?” or ‘’ Will she like the size of my penis?” or “Will my penis be good enough for her?”

Questions like these can rise from various physical inconsistencies, and fears that arise unnecessarily when either of the partners is too good for the other – thought.

One thing – No matter who you do, BE CONFIDENT. You are the DEAL! 

Relationship problems

Certain people are unable to have sex because of the relationship problems between the couple. Interpersonal or relationship troubles can arise in any relationship. It could be a fight, or a certain aspect of the partner that is the reason of tension between the two. This can kill the urge to have sex, or in other words lowers the libido in both couples.

Talk to each other, discuss the matter of dispute, and come to a mutual understanding.  Eliminate the barriers by understanding each other, and then follow this step: -



Inability to achieve an erection or maintain it