Cytotec an Abortion Pill

An abortion is a term of early pregnancy termination. It likely involves the gestation phase of 7 to 9 weeks or 49 days of gestation. Well, in many of the countries abortion considered legal & in some countries it is accounted illegal. Well, the abortion procedures include many conditions. A female need to go through the stage of abortion in case if she had gone under forceful pregnancy, if there is any risk to the mothers health, or if there is any health risk to the developing baby or both mother and baby, or if female get hit by any austere diseases, or if in case the baby found defective, etc. most of the couples who still wanted to enjoy their sexual life choose the process of abortion.

An abortion of early pregnancy can be done by two methods, medication or surgical. However, it depends, what option does a mother choose and follow. Many of the pregnant ladies choose surgical process for abortion and some choose medical abortion. According to the study female mostly prefer going under therapeutic abortion; since it is easiest & simplest method of abortion. Medication abortion is found 98% correct in response, safe & secure for the pregnant lady. One can go under termination of early pregnancy secretly & privately without linking any 2nd person in the course. The best thing is that you can do it by sitting at home alone with absolute guidance of abortion.

The procedure seems to be very easy where you just need to take the medicine as per the prescribed way. Be careful during the process. You have to be very careful while exercising these pregnancy lapsing pills as it’s over or under or inappropriate intake may fail to terminate the pregnancy entirely. This situation perhaps may develop the risk of surgical process. As compare to other surgical process of abortion therapeutic abortion accounted best & effective as it takes less time & easy in course. As we know that getting pregnancy terminated through surgeries may embrace many instruments usage, which perhaps may injure the ovaries of the mother.

Many of the pregnant ladies feel scared & discomfort to go under surgical procedure, thus, they prefer exerting medical a finest solution to terminate early pregnancy. This abortion kit has to be practiced by above 18 age of female under 18 must seek help of the doctor for its usage. You will face the complication like bleeding, ache in the stomach, light fever, nausea, giddiness, etc. In case of therapeutic abortion a woman has to face an extreme bleeding & pain in the pelvic section. However, the vaginal bleeding signs that you are getting your pregnancy (fetus) terminated. You need to seek help of the doctor for dosage intake.


How does cytotec (Misoprostol) works 

Cytotec holds the active performing medicine called Misoprostol to end unwanted pregnancy. These are the two most active components to terminate early pregnancy. You can end an early (7-9 weeks) of pregnancy by using this medication. You can’t use it to terminate late pregnancy. Practicing abortion pills as soon as possible found to be the easiest and best and more active to lapse down the early pregnancy. It found working splendidly to massacre the fetus & wipe it out from the uterus of the mother. In an entire process you need to be extremely careful, do run the abortion process according to the suggested manner.

Generally, mifepristone recommended consuming first later than the misoprostol. Mifepristone accounted the core pills & misoprostol the secondary pills in the abortion process. You find it’s a pack of 5 tablets one of mifepristone & outstanding 4 of misoprostol. All jointly, acts competently to finish the pregnancy. Mifepristone aids kill the fetus whereas; misoprostol assists to move out the embryo from the uterus. You will get a vaginal bleeding for around 7 to 10 days or until or unless the termination get end properly. After, exertion of primary pills you need to practice secondary pills by keeping the gap of 2 to 3 days.

  • Gulp the abortion pill entirely without breaking or mashing. Use sufficient amount of water to intake it.
  • You can consume it accompanied with or without meal, but not loaded with oil and spices as it gives harsh impact.
  • Earlier exercising this abortion pills you will have to disclose your complete health record to the doctor for the safety method.
  • In a case of extreme health concerns you need to make this known to the doctor as it may harm your health and may turn detrimental for the process of pregnancy termination.
  • Moreover, you need to disclose the fact of consuming two different medications at the same time as it widely develops the risk of side-effects.
  • Further, if in case you are tolerating from any sort of organ disorders reveal it prior you start with the therapeutic abortion procedure.
  • A female with the concerns of kidney, liver disorder need to consume the medicine under the extreme supervision of the physician. 
  • Do remember that it is an abortion pills, not a birth control pills.
  • It has been precisely introduced to conclude an unwished or early pregnancy.
  • Compassionately circumvent the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol as it may turn the impediment for the process of pregnancy termination.



You probably get the normal set of side-effects while consuming abortion pills. Queasiness, giddiness, pain in the abdomen, vomiting, faintness, weakness, fever, drop in iron level, harsh breathing, high blood pressure, irritation, etc. are some normal phase of side-effects.


How to store the cytotec pills

Well, the storage admitted exactly the life cycle of the medicine. You need to store this anti-impotence medicine under the room temperature completely away from the range of   heat, sun light, dampness & small kids.