Abortion means termination of pregnancy by taking out the foetus or the embryo earlier than it begins to endure outside the uterus.

The two possible types of abortion are-

Miscarriage – Miscarriage means an abortion which occurs spontaneously. It simply means that an abortion which is unplanned which occurs naturally on its own. A very common reason why this kind of abortion occurs through the first trimester is chromosomal abnormalities of the foetus. This reason accounts for about 50% of pregnancy losses. Some other causes are diabetes or increased blood pressure, abnormalities of the foetus, some sought of infection or some hormonal issues. This kind of abortion is not in the hands of the person as it occurs on its own. Nobody could be held responsible for a miscarriage. A lady’s previous miscarriage abortions history or probably her increased age are said to be the two main causes which increases the risk of a women facing a miscarriage. Accidental trauma or an intentional trauma is also the two reasons which accounts in miscarriage.  There are of about 30 to 50% of cases where the women is said to be unaware of the miscarriage. Some miscarriages occur before the doctor could even detect the embryo. There are 15 to 30% of people who face a miscarriage in the hospital after being aware of their respective pregnancy.

Induced abortion – The number of pregnancies which occur every year across the globe is about 205 million. Induced abortion means an abortion which is done intentionally. Many of these abortions take place due to unintentional pregnancies. Some reasons of such an abortion are rape cases, unwanted pregnancy because of not using proper protection, etc. A person can abort the child according to the regional legal authorities, legal authorities of the state, a women’s personal point of view, etc.

There are certain ways through which one can abort the child. They are-

Surgical- This method is adapted by people who are ready to pay a lot of charges. This kind of abortion involves a lot of cost. Not everybody can afford a surgical abortion these days. Many people travel to other cities or states for abortion to ensure complete privacy. A normal person could not afford to go for such a surgery. Before thinking of any such abortion you need to consult your doctor to avoid any complications in the near future. It might happen that aborting the child could cause harm to the mother or probably because of the type of disease she is going through. The doctor plays an important each time. Keep a constant doctor so that he can give you proper guidance to solve the purpose.

Medical – another type which is trending these days is abortion through pills. This kind of abortion is the safest abortion. It comes with so many profits that it ensures a complete privacy, it is quite cost efficient as the pills do not cost much, no travelling cost. One does not need to travel much and spend lots of money on this. Abortion is now possible at your home itself. Even here doctor is said to be the king that means he should be updated about each and activity going on as he would suggest you with the best possible treatment.

Side effects after abortion

The side effects after abortion always vary from person to person means not all the ladies could face the same side effects. A lady should be aware of all the possible side effects before going for such abortion. It is essential to talk to your health adviser before taking such steps. The side effects which were seen in a huge amount of ladies were severe cramps, vomiting, nausea, weakness and diarrhoea.