To abort a child the lady should first make sure that she is pregnant. She should carry out the given task to know that she is pregnant.

Abortion in simple terms is stated as the termination of pregnancy which is said to be of two types. One is spontaneous and the other one is induced abortion.

Spontaneous abortion is very commonly known as miscarriage. A lady faces miscarriage due to several reasons. Some of them are severe health issues, aging, etc. It is said that if a lady is above the age of 35 and then is delivering a baby, there are chances that the pregnancy could lead causing harm either to the mother or the child or probably the child would turn out to be abnormal or disable. If you really want to avoid such things to happen with you or your child then do not deliver a baby if it’s too late. Miscarriage is abortion which occurs on its own without the help of any medication or surgery. Here the embryo in the mother’s womb is discarded in the form of heavy bleeding in its initials.

The other one is said to be induced abortion or abortion which is done out of one’s own will and wish. Here unwanted pregnancy is terminated. Unwanted pregnancy could be a rape or pregnancy which occurs because of not using proper protection while intercourse is carried out. People are always said to use protection for the following purpose to avoid such abortions and killing of the child.

In some regions abortion is strictly prohibited whereas in some areas abortion is mandatory. Just like in a country like china where not more than two children’s are allowed to come into existence. Every country has its own rules and regulations which one needs to follow at any cost.

Abortion can be done with the help of two methods that is through surgery and through medication. Surgeries are opted when the pregnancy is of 7 to 8 months. There the medicines can be a bit risky so surgeries could be opted but for a pregnancy which is early surgery is not an option as it also involved a heavy cost which cannot be afforded by every individual. So people go for another method which is pills. Many pills are invented in the field of pharmacy. One of them which is cost effective and used by many people around the globe is Mifeprex.

Mifeprex is mainly used to end a premature pregnancy with the help of just the tablets. This medicine needs to be taken within 9weeks of pregnancy. Another name for mifeprex is mifepristone pills. These tablets are used to eject the deceased embryo from the body. This medicine is approved by FDA and it always guarantee’s a safe abortion.

The dosage of this medicine is as follows- One needs to take 3 tablets of 200 mg apiece at once orally with a glass full of normal temperature water. You need to have this medicine without having any of your feasts as that is the only time when it shows its best possible result. This medicine should be taken only orally.

Every medicine ought to have certain side effects. Even this medicine has certain side effects which are said to be quite normal and not dangerous to health. You might experience heavy bleeding, severe headache, and cramps in your lower stomach which means abdomen, certain blackouts. Do not worry if you experience any of them because the medicine is too heavy strong and effective so one faces such side effects before seeing the results.