Abortion in simple terms means termination of pregnancy. Abortion is done only after the lady agrees to do so.  


Abortion is of two types. One is SPONTANEOUS and second is the one which is DONE ON PURPOSE


SPONTANEOUS ABORTION means the one which happens on its own. It is also called as MISCARRIAGE. Miscarriage happens due to some disease or if the person is going through severe stress. Some diseases are so dangerous that the person becomes infertile. So before such processes do consult your doctor.

Abortion which is done on purpose involves two processes. One is though SURGERY other one is through medicines.

Surgical abortion is not an affordable option always as it carries a lot of charges. One needs to pay the travelling charge first then the hospital charge and the nursing charge as well. Such abortions should be done after consulting your respective doctor as you might be facing some kind of disease which may not allow such surgeries. In a surgery the doctor empties the foetus that is, removes all the substances out of the foetus. This is the process of a surgery.

Medical abortion means abortion through medicines. After having the medicine you will notice that your foetus empties automatically through menstruation.

There are some stupid MYTHS regarding abortion pills. Some of them are-

Delivery Control tablets make you unproductive- This is a complete stupid myth saying that birth control tablets make a lady infertile. Although the work of birth control pills is to prevent you from being pregnant, it does not essentially cause childlessness. Certainly, through the course of the medication, the uterus cannot carry foetus, however is not associated to the superiority of spawn, once the division is ceased.

The pills boost breast tumour danger- The medicine to contraception do not threat breast cancer in all ladies. However, individuals who have breast bulge; carry a danger of cancer or else in their 40’s must simply utilize the pills after discussion. But the effects of these medicines are so good you will simply forget the very less side effects caused due to it.

Missing out Menses Intentionally is hazardous- Taking contraceptive tablets might transform the normal time of your menstruation. If you are in superior fitness, this effect might not harm you.

No requirement of using Birth Control Capsule at the instant of Breastfeeding- At the time of breastfeeding, you are by now productive. So if unprotected intercourse takes place the chances are very high of the lady being pregnant even though you have recently given birth to a child.

MTP KIT is a fabulous medicine for abortion as it is always recommended by the doctor. Abortion pills should be taken only after the consultation of your respective doctor. If it happens to be that you are suffering from some kind of disease even then it is mandatory to visit the doctor.

Very few side effects might occur apart from stomach pain and serious blood loss. These side effects are faintness, nausea, diarrhoea, nausea, annoyance, sleepiness etc.