Abortion in simple terms means termination of the child who did not come in to existence yet and is being terminated either intentionally or naturally. Abortion was illegal but now it is possible. The law has passed and abortion is possible now.

Abortion is of two types-

Natural Termination- Natural termination is also frequently  called as Miscarriage. It means the child is terminated from the foetus through urination or through other excretory process. It may happen because of doing some work, some health issues or when your going through some disease. Immediately consult your doctor after miscarriage occurs. It does not mean that you cannot be a mother again or you become infertile after this, if everything is normal you can go for another child.

Abortion Done On Purpose- People have various reasons for such an abortion. But one should keep in mind that abortion which is done on purpose should be consulted from both the mother as well as father. Such abortions involve risks it may lead the mother to become infertile in future.

Now lets classify it more. There are two ways through which abortion is possible. One is through PILLS and second is through SURGERY.

Surgerical abortions have reduced as shown by the data. This kind of abortion involves lot of charges. Firstly the travelling charges, secondly the hospital charge and then the doctor fees as well. All this becomes too costly for the person to pay. Some might not afford such surgeries. In surgeries the doctors removes the contents from the uterus, all the substances available inside the uterus is emptied.  Many a times it happens that women are adviced not to go for such surgeries as it involves danger. A lady might be suffering from some health issues or some kind of disease. If suffering such diseases do consult your doctor before the surgery as there is a huge risk it can even cause a person to death. Some people are not liable to surgeries instead they should be given proper guidance and medication too. I would say again do not take any step before consulting your respective doctor as it involve risk to your physical condition.

Pills or lets say medication is the best way for termination of a child. It does not involves any charge. As pills are small and few it is quite inexpensive. It does not costs any travelling charge or hospital charge or any such thing. According to a survey it was stated that in todays world people are using these pills as the best way of abortion rather than going for such risky and painful surgeries. After having these pills you will notive a pain in your uterus. You might face severe cramps, it only means that the abortion is taking place. Even then the uterus is emptied. The only difference is in surgeries doctors remove the substances out and in the process of having these medicines the uterus is drained on its own through urination or through menstruation. MTP KIT is an amazing product most of the time recommended by the doctor for abortion purpose. You can get it online. But do choose your site carefully.