What is Abortion?

Abortion means termination of the pregnancy. It means removing a foetus or embryo from the womb of a woman. Abortion is further categorized in two parts one is Spontaneous abortion which means abortion which occurs on its own naturally. It is also commonly called as miscarriage. Second is Induced abortion which means abortion which is done on purpose.

Such induced abortions are done through two methods namely: Surgical or through Medication.

What is surgical abortion?

Abortion done through operation or surgery is said to be surgical abortion. In that process, the surgeon or doctor removes the foetus from the womb of the mother. The kind of surgical abortion is based on the stage of pregnancy a woman is going through. According to that, the required task is performed. Surgical abortion involves a lot of charges such as travelling cost, cost of the hospital, nursing charges, etc. It becomes difficult for a common man to pay such huge bills. You cannot just go to any hospital for such surgeries; go for trusted doctors which have a good name in the market so that you can get the right treatment. Not many can afford these surgeries.

 Surgical abortion has some of its side effects such as heavy bleeding, severe cramps in the stomach and abdomen as well, nausea, etc. It is always suggested to visit your respective healthcare provider if you notice any symptoms which you find are not good for yourself.

What is abortion through medication?

Earlier such pills were not invented through which one could do abortion by them self but now, such effective pills are invented in the field of pharmacy which are effective and doesn’t harms your health. Abortion through pills is the finest and secured way. You can have two tablets of mifepristone until the 12th week of pregnancy. 90% of the time it is said to be successful but if you did not find any effective result after the intake of mifepristone then you can have the pills again after 3 days. It will not cause any harm to your health. All this information is provided through the WHO (World health Organization). In this process the womb gets emptied on its own in any form. The pills do their work and let all the substances out through bleeding. If you find any complications or any wrong or harmful symptoms you should immediately go and visit the doctor.

For abortion, a woman should first confirm that she is pregnant.

Mifepristone should be used only if the woman is 100% sure that she wants to terminate her pregnancy.

A woman should attempt to have an ultrasound before abortion or taking mifepristone. Through ultrasound one can get to know whether the pregnancy is in the womb or not or what is the length or size of it.

A woman should make sure that she is not alone while this process. As any complication can occur, so there should be somebody near to her it can be a friend, her partner or anyone.

And lastly, do consult your doctor before having any pill. Mifepristone is a trusted medicine for a process like abortion.