MTP KIT- A Trusted Drug For Abortion!

If you have verified the pregnancy and want to go for termination of pregnancy, then you need to know all the possible ways for abortion. Abortion is of two types, one is through surgery other is through medicines. Even abortion has its own types. One is Natural also commonly called a miscarriage other is planned and done on purpose.


Miscarriage occurs when there is any kind of fault in your pregnancy. If a person is suffering from any kind of disease it can have its side effects over pregnancy. When the fetus is emptied on its own, that is said to be a miscarriage. You should immediately consult your doctor after a miscarriage occurs. They will guide you properly for further treatment or medication.

Abortion did on purpose

Unplanned pregnancy usually leads to abortion. People go for an abortion if they do not want the child or if they get to know that there are certain complications in their pregnancy. Always plan your pregnancy so that you do not need to go for any such process of abortion. Both the man and the woman should agree for such an abortion.

Let’s know the difference between the surgical and medical ways of abortion.

Surgical termination of pregnancy

Surgical termination or abortion is mostly not advisable as it involves risk. Many doctors who are money-oriented recommend people to go for surgical abortion. It involves a lot of charges such as traveling expenses, doctor's fees, nursing charges, hospital charges, etc. If the doctor is not well trained or not liable to do such abortions and still goes for such a treatment then it might risk your life too. So go for trusted doctors only. In these operations, the doctor removes all the particles from the fetus, they empty the fetus. In this manner, a surgical operation is carried out.

Termination of pregnancy through medicines

Medicines are always said to be the best option. It is inexpensive and involves less risk to health. In surgeries, one spends a lot of money whereas if you go on buying medicines, it will cost you at a very cheap rate, not even half of what you spend on surgeries. Do consult your doctor as many people suffer from diseases that are harmful.

If your age is more than 18 then you can go for this medicine. If you are not suffering from any dangerous or serious disease, then you can have this pill without any second thoughts. If you are suffering from a major disease such as HIV or any such disease, then do not have these pills before consulting your respective doctor as it can not only harm your uterus but also can cause a person to death. So we always suggest you to consult your respective doctors for all this.

If it is confirmed that you are pregnant and you are strongly willing to terminate your pregnancy, then go for this MTP KIT without thinking much, but if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of MTP then immediately stop the dose.