What Is Abortion?

Abortion is nothing but termination of pregnancy in the early stages of a women being pregnant. Abortion is always done when the women is ready and agreed to do so. Abortion is mainly done if the women don’t want the child, or if there are any complications in the women’s pregnancy period. One more reason is the birth control policy which a person needs to follow, due to the rules and regulations of a particular state or country. For example the one which is carried out in U.S. But there are few countries which follow the voluntary abortion for the purpose of birth control. A lady must take the decision of abortion within 20 weeks after being pregnant.

Pregnancy abortion is of two kinds-

One is the Spontaneous Pregnancy Termination and the other one is Induced Pregnancy Termination.

Spontaneous Pregnancy Termination-

Spontaneous pregnancy termination is also called as miscarriage. Miscarriage is not in the hands of anyone. It happens spontaneously which means naturally and not done on purpose. Miscarriage usually takes place because of some health issues or because of some medical issues. One more reason can be the accidental shock. Based on the provided data about 20-25% of the pregnancy marks in miscarriages. Amongst these cases, 90% happen in the early three months.

Induced Pregnancy Termination-

Induced pregnancy termination is done by intake of certain pills or surgeries. It is done on purpose and is not spontaneous. Termination or abortion is possible with the help of terminating pills in the 8th or 9th week of pregnancy.

Surgeries are always dangerous. One should think before such surgeries or consult their respective doctor. Surgeries are a waste of money as they cost a lot. Many are unaware that pregnancy can be terminated through pills. So more and more people should be educated regarding this. Surgeries involve the travelling cost plus the nursing charges and do not forget the hospital fee. All this comes out as a big bill which is not affordable by many. So it’s better to have those pills which are equally effective. Pills do the same work as the surgery does. Pills are suggested as a better option for abortion as surgeries involve risk for the women. If the surgeon or the doctor is not a well trained doctor then the operation can turn out into a mess. There are chances a person may become permanently infertile or it can cause some severe health issues. It can even cause the women to death.

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