Abortion simply means termination of pregnancy. The pregnancy can be of any type, it can be wanted or possibly unwanted. Termination of the pregnancy means removing of the foetus or embryo out from the womb.

There are only two types of abortion possibly spontaneous abortion or induced abortion. Let me explain you in detail what do they exactly mean.

Spontaneous abortion means abortion which happens on its own. This kind of abortion is also known as miscarriage or natural termination of pregnancy. Many would have heard of miscarriage. Miscarriage means the same. Here the embryo comes out of the womb on its own. The womb is emptied and the particles or substances are released in the form of heavy bleeding. If the pregnancy is at its initial stages a person might not know about her miscarriage too. You need to be quite careful when it comes to a pregnancy. Miscarriages usually occur when the person is not well that is she might be suffering from some disease or disorder which can be harmful for the baby and the lady as well. Miscarriages can be heart breaking for the women’s but they do happen in large number across the globe.

Second one is the induced abortion. Induced abortion is the one which occurs with the consultation of the lady that is the lady herself agrees’s for such an abortion. Here, unwanted pregnancy is been terminated. Unwanted pregnancy is of many kinds such as a rape case or when the intercourse occurs without using any kind of precaution or protection.

Awareness is created all around so that such cases should lessen. Abortion is an act which is quite inhuman. A child is murdered even before bringing him into the world. This should not happen so awareness is created.

Abortion is done through various methods such as surgery, medication, suction method, etc.

Surgeries are said to be quite high costing as they involve travelling cost plus the hospital and surgery cost which a common man cannot afford. Many people go for a surgery for privacy purpose as some of them are quite confidential so people travel to other state for solving this purpose.

For the people who cannot afford such high costing surgeries medicines were invented. Abortion pills are very good to solve this purpose as they are firstly of very less cost, secondly they ensure complete privacy as this act can be done at your home itself without anybody knowing about it and lastly it is said to be the safest way of all.

Earlier there was no other option for the people to apt for but now they have a very safe and fabulous option to solve the purpose of abortion. These medicines are completely safe as they are approved by FDA. FDA approval is enough to state that the medicine is good and safe enough.

You might need a person along with you while carrying out this task as there are chances of the person having this medicine to faint or face severe bleeding or blackouts. It has certain side effects which might look dangerous but do not cause harm to your health.