When we talk about abortion the only two pills which strike our minds instantly are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The safest way through which a person can carry out abortion is through pills. Meifepristone and misoprostol are the two best medicines which are sold on a very large scale over a wider area. This kind of abortion can be done at our home itself you need not go to the doctor for a surgery or any such thing and spend a lot of money over it.

Surgery and medication are said to be the two essential ways through which abortion can be done.

Earlier this was said to be the only way through which a person could abort their child. A person had to travel all the way to the doctor possibly a specialist to do a surgery of abortion. Specialists were appointed to solve this purpose. It included a lot of charge which included the cost of medicines, surgery as well as the nursing charge. Not everybody could afford a surgery still people had to go out to the hospital. Some people used to travel to long distance places for some privacy purposes. They could travel all the way to another state for abortion purpose.

Later on, as technology progressed as well as the researches and medications, a new product was introduced to solve the purpose of abortion. Mifepristone and misoprostol were the two medicines which went on to be famous. Many ladies preferred these two pills for terminating their abortion.

These pills could be taken probably till the 12th week of the women being pregnant.

A lady can perform such tasks only if such an abortion is legal in her respective country. There are certain countries or states where abortion is a complete no where as there certain countries where abortion is now legal. Killing a body a human is very inhuman. Killing a person before bringing him or her into existence is too bad. People should not carry out abortion unless it is very urgent or on a very top priority.

A rape case or when a person is facing an unwanted pregnancy due to an intercourse which was done without a protection then aborting a child is valid. Another pregnancy period is the miscarriage where a child is discarded from the embryo on its own. This happens when the mother is going through some severe disease. It is likely to happen that there comes a situation where a person has to chose either between the child or the mother so in such cases the child is aborted as the pregnancy becomes quite complicated then and it becomes difficult for either one of them to exist.

Using mifepristone alone can be very effective and solve almost 80 to 905 of the purpose of abortion. Abortion should be carried out in the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. If that is not done then complications might arise leading to damage to the women’s health. Such tasks should be carried out as soon as the decision is taken otherwise it can be harmful for the lady or it becomes difficult to abort the child later on. So without any delay abortion should be carried out.

Sometimes a lady is unable to decide whether she wants the child or wants to abort the child, so in such cases the women should talk to their health advisor. If she is not comfortable sharing her talks with the health advisor then they should go for a friend or their partner to talk to. They might help you take better decisions related to terminating the child.