Abortion pill is generally a way through which one can end her pregnancy by just staying at home and not going anywhere else. Abortion pills are trending these days as one does not needs to spend much on a thing like abortion and abortion is possible in a very less time. You don’t need to move out of the house as well. It is likely to happen that when such unexpected and unplanned pregnancies appear. Abortion pills are the best solution for it. These pills work the best when used at the initial stage of a pregnancy that is when the pregnancy is 63 days or 9 weeks old. Abortion pill needs to be taken when the last period of the girl ends. Abortion pill is never a bad idea as it has never failed. In almost all the cases abortion pills have worked the best and results were always positive. You can definitely consult your health care provider if you want to be 100% sure about it.

In some very rare cases it has happened that even after taking the medicine the child was not aborted and the pregnancy was continued if any such things happens in your case then immediately consult your doctor for it. People should know about the procedure and its possible side effects. They should know exactly what to expect from a procedure. Here are some informative points given which would help you know about the abortion pills as well as the procedure.

Before you decide about going for an abortion or the procedure then first consult your doctor about it. Discussing with the health care provider would be a better option as you get to know detailed information about the procedure. Be very clear and frank while having a chat with the doctor about your health. He needs to know every health issue you are facing or any surgery you went through in the past or any allergic issues so that he can suggest you the medicine according to it. Have the required tests done and know about it completely before you start with the procedure. Physical examination is essential as well so get it done. Lastly, sign the papers cautiously after reading all the rules and regulations and the whole procedure as well. You will be provided with a medical guide book which includes all the essential points one needs to know or if you have any query you can relate it with the medical guide.

The following steps are included in the procedure-

  1. The Medication of an Abortion pill- The particular health guide provides you with the abortion pill, the timing when it should be taken along with the anti biotic. The pills work as mentioned. The pill hinders the hormone progesterone. When progesterone is blocked pregnancy stops over there.
  2. The Misoprostol- This medicine is taken after 3 days of having the first medicine. Your doctor plans the timing and date of taking the next medication as h knows when the medicine could work properly. Then after taking misoprostol the uterus is cleared completely. This medicine causes heavy bleeding to the person. It can occur before the second medication or after the second medicine it is not really fixed. One faces severe cramps as well as large blood clots in their bleeding. This is natural as one tends to bleed while abortion. It does not last for a longer period of time. It takes around 4 to 5 hours of bleeding that’s all.
  3. Medical check up- You need to go for a check up twice in a week after abortion is done. The doctor needs to see whether the abortion is done properly and safely or not or whether it has caused any damage to the person or not.