Abortion is something which is well known by each and every person these days. Abortion pills help a person in terminating their pregnancy. Pregnancy is sometimes wanted and sometimes it is said to be unwanted. There are two categories of abortion. They are a natural abortion and an induced abortion.

As the name itself says that abortion is natural this means an abortion which occurs on its own naturally. Such abortions are usually heartbreaking. These kinds of abortions do not have any severe impact on the health of the women. The bad health of the lady is one of the reasons why a person faces such an abortion. Incompatible chromosomes are another cause of miscarriage. If a lady has an abnormal uterus that is the uterus is divided or not in a good shape then the chances of miscarriage gradually increase. This occurs because such a uterus cannot implant a baby and once the baby is implanted the baby could not grow properly as the nourishment would not be proper leading to an unhealthy or abnormal baby if pregnancy is successful. But in these cases the child is mostly terminated on its own. An unhealthy immune system is also another reason of miscarriage. If the immune system is not healthy enough then the baby could not get the desired nutrition’s which would automatically lead to a miscarriage.

Induced abortion is the second type where the baby is aborted on purpose. Generally the main reasons why a child is aborted is an unwanted pregnancy here an unwanted pregnancy is terminated that is when a women faces pregnancy by not using the required protection while carrying out their sexual activity. Other reasons why a child is aborted is a rape case or probably when the pregnancy is giving the women certain health issues. There the women have full rights to abort the baby when such a pregnancy is causing harm to her health.

Abortions are done through various ways. The child can be aborted either with the help of a surgery or with help of certain medication.

In the early times people used to go for a surgery to solve the desired purpose as there was no other source for aborting the child. Abortion pills were not invented then but now new and better pills have been introduced which are helpful for the person to abort the child safely.

Abortion through a surgery is not an issue but it carries a lot of charges. Not everybody can afford to abort a child with the help of a surgery as it carries a lot of charges whereas an abortion done with the help of medications is much better. The medicines are cheap and effective in nature. Doctors mostly prescribe a person to have Mifepristone or Misoprostol or to use and MTP Kit. They are very effectual.

Do consult your doctor at each point of stage so that it should not cause any harm to your health. Some medicines cause certain side effects such as severe bleeding, nausea, dizziness, etc. So be careful while having these medicines.