Surgery is never a better option unless there is an urgent requirement. Similarly when it comes to abortion, people generally go for a medical abortion rather than opting for a surgery. A recent research says that the numbers of medical abortions are more than number of surgeries.

Firstly abortions should be avoided if possible as killing an innocent life is quite inhuman of a person. Abortions take place when the pregnancy which is faced by the lady is unwanted. Unwanted pregnancies simply means a pregnancy which the lady does not want or where the pregnancy faced by the lady occurred due to not using proper protection while making love with the partner. Abortions are generally stated into two categories. One is Natural abortion and the other one is an Induced abortion.

Natural abortion is also stated as Miscarriage. A miscarriage is something where the child is terminated from the womb of the mother or the fetus comes out of the womb of the lady on its own. The fetus comes out of the womb in the form of heavy bleeding. Whenever you face any such thing do consult your doctor immediately. Seeking immediate help from your respective doctor is quite essential. Such abortions called as miscarriages are quite heart breaking. The person tends to face certain sort of depression as well in some cases. Nobody has a control over these miscarriages but one can surely take good care of themselves to avoid such miscarriages.

Induced abortion is another type of abortion where the person terminates the child from the womb of the mother out of their own wish. Induced abortions are done in the case of an unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancies can certainly be avoided by using proper protection. Induced abortions are to be reduced in number.

There are various ways through which a person can terminate the child or the pregnancy. This usually happens according to the pregnancy faced by a person. An abortion can be done with the help of both medicines as well as a surgery.

Surgical abortions are generally preferred in those cases where the pregnancy exceeds the time limit of about 7 weeks. In such cases only surgical abortions can be preferred. One mostly prefers a medical abortion over a surgery when facing a 5 to 6 week old pregnancy as a surgery costs a lot. It includes many costs which makes it impossible for a common man to afford it. So people prefer a medical abortion over a surgery.

Medical abortions are said to be safe enough and adjusts according to the budget of a person. So people prefer this over a surgery. Abortion pills are cheap enough so the ladies who are looking out for an effective as well as cheap abortion can prefer a medical abortion that is an abortion pill over any surgery.

Do consult your respective doctor before opting for any procedure. It might help you out to prefer a better procedure and proper dosage.