Abortion is a process where the child is terminated from the womb of the mother. Abortions are done when a person feels like the pregnancy they are going through is probably unwanted to them. A person must see to it that lesser abortions are done as the numbers of abortions have quite increased in number according to a recent survey done.

Generally abortions are categorized into two categories that is a Natural abortion and Induces abortion. Let’s study both of them in detail-

Natural abortion means an abortion which occurs o its own and is not done on purpose. This is very famously known as a miscarriage where the abortion is unwanted. Such abortions generally occur when the women does not takes proper care of her health or when the pregnancy which she is going through is causing severe harm to her health. Such pregnancies are terminated on their own that is when the person is of an ill health. Here the reasons are many. If a person has gone through a recent surgery or when the person is going through some severe disease then she is generally advised to plan pregnancy when the disease pr disorder is cured or when the surgery becomes old in terms of time period. Such things directly affect the health of the lady and especially the child of the lady which in turn leads to a miscarriage to her. That is the reason the ladies are always suggested to take good care of them while experiencing a pregnancy.

Induced abortion simply means an abortion where the pregnancy of the lady is terminated on purpose where the lady agrees to do so. Such pregnancies are termed as the unwanted [pregnancies where the lady is forced to abort the child as the pregnancy which has happened to her is probably unwanted. All the procedure is done after the lady agrees to do so and according to her wish. Such pregnancies take place when the people do not take proper protection while making love with their partner. People should use a proper protection tool which could help reduce such pregnancies.

There are various options to the people who want to go for an abortion. Several options include a surgical abortion, a treatment of medicines, vacuum abortion, etc. People chose the way of abortion according to their pocket as well as the pregnancy that is such a procedure which is suitable plus which fits in the budget of the person.

Surgical abortion is suitable only in those cases where the pregnancy is more than 7 weeks old. This method is actually quite cost consuming and so many people refuse to go for it whereas abortion with the help of medication is best when the pregnancy is 6 to 7 weeks old.

The best ever medicine which could be used for termination of the child is MTP Kit. MTP Kit is an excellent abortion pill. This kit includes 5 tablets in it. One needs to consume all five of them but under proper guidance of the doctor.