Abortion is a procedure where the child is supposed to be removed or the fetus is removed out from the womb of the lady which means the lady is no longer facing a pregnancy in her life. Pregnancy is said to be a very beautiful phase in the life of a person. So you need to be very careful when taking such decisions as they are for life. It is never the case that you cannot face pregnancy ever again in your life after you have been pregnant once and done abortion. It is just a fake rumor which a person should not believe on so make sure that you take such decisions very carefully and when you are completely sure about it.

For abortion purpose one must first make sure that she is pregnant. Later on a person can think of some other procedures or ways through which they can solve the purpose of aborting the child. Nowadays technology as well as medication has advanced so much that one cannot even think every next small disorder or disease can be detected and it even has a cure to it. You will have to make it a point that you firstly go and visit the doctor first and then let them know whether you are facing any other disorder or disease and whether you have faced any past surgery or recent surgery. Many a times it is likely to happen that a person is already facing some problem and is going under a proper medication due to it but starts up with the treatment of abortion as well, in such cases it happens to be that the person is unable to cope up with both the treatments and ends up facing severe problem to their health which is not at all good for them. So for such people it is always suggested that proper guidance must be taken from your health advisor so that they can suggest you with possibly the best treatment ever.

There are many pills in the market which are said to be a cure for abortion or which help in abortion but none of them could be stated as the best for it. There are medicines which help in abortion but not all of them are effective enough and not all of them are good enough for the health of the person. But we have an amazing kit or drug which is stated as the best when it comes to solve the purpose of abortion.

MTP Kit is a drug which is used for best abortion in women. This kit is completely approved through FDA and is termed as very effective and safe enough. This MTP kit involves two respective types of tablets in it mainly Mifepristone and Misoprostol. There is only one tablet of Mifepristone and 4 tablets of Misoprostol in it. The dosage of Mifepristone provided to the person inside the kit is 200mg where as for Misoprostol it is 200mcg. So the woman has to intake all 5tablets for effective abortion.