There are said to be so many ways with the help of which a person makes abortion possible but not all the ways are safe as well as suitable enough for the person. If a person wants to have an abortion at their home itself then MTP Kit is the best and the safest way possible. For that the person first needs to make sure that they are facing a pregnancy. Later on a person should make it a point that they choose the best procedure which is best suitable for their type of pregnancy. Abortions do have its types.

They are categorized into two specific parts. One is an Induced abortion and the other one is said to be Spontaneous abortion.

Spontaneous abortion is the one where a person faces an abortion which is unplanned as well as unexpected. Such kind of abortion is the one where the person is not really ready for it. This type of abortion is also stated as a miscarriage by many people. People know induced abortion with the name of Miscarriage only. Here the abortion is not expected and the person is not possibly willing to abort the child but it happens on its own and due to some changes in the health of the lady. This is the reason people are simply asked to take god care of them when facing a pregnancy. They also said to not take certain type of medications which can prove to be harmful for their health and are asked to go for regular checkups so that they can be in good health and deliver a good and healthy baby.

Another type is termed as an Induced abortion. This kind of abortion is something where a person does it on purpose that is the abortion is carried out of full permission and wish of the lady or her respective guardian. A person has to carry out such as abortion because of not their own faults. If a person fails to use proper protection while making love with the partner it leads them to a pregnancy because of which a person has to carry out such an abortion. This is the reason more and more people are made well aware that they need to use proper protection when making love with their partner so that there would be no need to do such abortions.

MTP kit is asked to use when people are facing a pregnancy which is less than 6 to 7 weeks. If a pregnancy is above this time period then it suggested going for surgery instead of using these pills or any other pills as in those situations abortion pills cannot work well. This kit includes 5tablets in it. One tablet is of Mifepristone and the rest 4 tablets are of Misoprostol. All 5 tablets are supposed to be taken for abortion. Mifepristone 200mg is taken orally where as Misoprostol 200mcg is said to be taken vaginally. But always make sure that you consult the doctor before taking any such pills.