Abortion should be carried out only when a person is completely ready for it. It is a process where a person aborts or terminates the child out of the womb of the mother. Termination of the child is possible only when a person wishes to abort the child or only when the person is ready for such an abortion in their life. Such abortions are carried out based on the time period of the pregnancy.

There are so many procedures these days due to which a person can abort the child. Some of them can be with the help of medication where as some can be done with the help of a surgical treatment but both these procedures basically depend upon the time period of the pregnancy that is for how much time the lady is pregnant.

There are two types of abortions as well. One is the natural one and the other one is induced abortion.

Natural abortions basically are the ones where a person faces abortion without the help of any kind of procedure. It occurs naturally and on its own so the person does not need to do anything for it. But one main thing is that it is not something which is planned and the lady does not even intend to do so it happens on its own. It is also quite heart breaking for the lady as it is not always planned and happens on its own. This carries so many reasons it could be the ill health of the lady or it might happen that certain kind of harm is caused to the lady. So for this a person should always take good care of their health whenever facing a pregnancy.

Induced abortions are the planned ones where a person plans their abortion and then the task is been carried out of aborting the child. Such kind of pregnancies are basically the ones where a person does not uses proper protection while making love with their partner and so it leads to this kind of abortion. Hence it is always advised to use proper protection to avoid such abortions.

If the pregnancy is more than 6 to 7 weeks then a person can opt for a surgery but if it is less than this time period then a person can use the treatment of medication. The best medicine which is seen for treating this is MTP Kit.

Mtp kit is basically a kit which comprises of two kinds of tablets in it which is mifepristone and misoprostol. Both of these medicines together work for abortion of the child. Mifepristone is in 200mg and consists of 1 tablet where as misoprostol is of 200mcg and carries 4 respective tablets.

Make sure you take proper guidance from the doctor before you start up with the treatment as they can guide you with the best treatment and let you know each and every point which you should be aware of before the treatment.