Abortion is termed a procedure where the fetus is removed out of the womb of the lady which means termination of the pregnancy. Such procedures are taken place when the pregnancy which is faced by the lady is unwanted. Such unwanted pregnancies come to an end after an abortion. For the abortions to be reduced a person should make sure that such unwanted pregnancies are not raised for that they will require proper protection tool which will assist them to avoid having such pregnancies while making love with their partner. There are various procedures which are used by a person for ending up their pregnancy but for that one should know how long their pregnancy is in other words the time period of their pregnancy faced by them.

A law which has recently passed showed up that people can practice such abortions now but before that there were strict laws which restricted the abortion procedure of the lady and should only be done if it is very urgent.

Abortion is further categorized unto two respective parts which is a natural abortion and an induced abortion,

A natural abortion is something where the baby is aborted on its own. In other words the womb is emptied in the form of heavy flow of blood which means that the child is aborted. They are also been called as Miscarriage by many people. Such miscarriages in many cases are heart breaking as they lady did not expect it to happen to her and such abortions are also termed as unwanted abortions. After facing a miscarriage the lady should make sure that she consults a good gynecologist for it to know the further procedure for it.

Another one is Induced abortion. This is a type where a person aborts the child or the fetus out of their own wish. People chose the best procedure possible and suitable for them and then go for it. Such abortions are wanted and the pregnancy which is faced by such people is completely unwanted and so they simply chose to abort the child.

There are various procedures in the field of medication. Surgical and medical both are preferred by people.

A surgical abortion is used only when the pregnancy faced by the lady exceeds the time limit of 6 weeks. In those cases no other treatment can be opted apart from a surgery. A surgical abortion should be used only in such a case otherwise people should go for medical abortion when they are facing a pregnancy which is 5 to 6 weeks old.

MTP kit is quite famous for treating this issue. This kit helps abort the child in the best possible way. With the help of this you will no longer have to travel to far way places or hospitals, the procedure can be carried out just by sitting at your place. It includes two types of pills in it that is 200mg of Mifepristone and 4tablets 200mcg of Misoprostol.