An intercourse is very basic need of the living being. And it results in the pregnancy. The pregnancy is wonderful aspect if it is planned or expected. But if the pregnancy is unexpected or unwanted then she may suffer a lot. This condition leads to the severe problem that you need to abort the pregnancy as early as possible. The unwanted pregnancy is needed to be terminated within a particular time period. The time period or the age of pregnancy is calculated or counted within weeks. In early days you need to undergo the surgical abortion to terminate the pregnancy. But nowadays you can terminate the unwanted pregnancy using medications.

You can use different medications to terminate the unwanted pregnancy of different weeks. Before having any medication you need to count the weeks of pregnancy. And based on weeks have the medication for terminating the pregnancy. Once you have the particular medication you can terminate the unwanted pregnancy even at home. One of the best medication to terminate the unwanted pregnancy is MTP  kit. MTP  kit is one of the popular and widely used medication to terminate the 9 weeks wanted a pregnancy.

Yes, you can terminate the 9-week unwanted pregnancy at home as well. MTP  kit consists of 2 medications namely called as mifepristone and misoprostol. The mifepristone is also known by the name Mifeprex. The second medication is Misoprostol and is also known by the name Cytotec. These two medications terminate the unwanted pregnancy effectively. This two medication combination is 95 % effective to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. The mifepristone is also taken alone to terminate different week pregnancy. And the misoprostol will help to terminate different week pregnancy. But the combination is too much effective and used in various abortion kit as well.

You can buy MTP  kit online too. So that you will not have to rush and visit the druggist to buy MTP  kit. You can order MTP  Kit online from the trusted website. Many women have MTP  kit at home and terminate the pregnancy at home. You need to take care for about 3 to 4 days after taking an MTP  kit.

After having MTP  kit you can terminate the unwanted pregnancy but you may also suffer from the various common side like bleeding, cramping, and clotting. But in a severe case, the woman may suffer from heavy bleeding, unbearable cramps and clotting as well. If the woman having MTP  kit do not suffer from any of the above side effects then she needs should immediately consider her doctor and physician. The two medications will definitely terminate your pregnancy but if you are having an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is impossible to terminate with the help of MTP  kit. If you are unwantedly pregnant then you should first test whether you are ectopic pregnant. If you are ectopic pregnant then the only option to terminate the unwanted pregnancy is surgical abortion. And even after having MTP  kit do undergo from ultrasound to confirm the termination of pregnancy.