MTP kit – best abortion kit to terminate the pregnancy!

The most common and worst kind of issue that every woman may face from is unwanted pregnancy. The unwanted pregnancy results because of unprotected intercourse. The unprotected intercourse not only leads to unwanted pregnancy but it may also let the woman and men suffer from Sexually transmitted diseases. So to avoid the unwanted pregnancy and STD as well certain precautions needed to be taken. The most common and well precautions to avoid the unwanted pregnancy are using condoms while having an intercourse. Other than condoms the woman can also have various contraceptive pills immediately after having an unprotected intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancy. 

The unwanted pregnancy may cause serious problems in the day to day life of the woman. The woman should always be ahead then men to avoid the unwanted pregnancy and to take the certain precautions. The woman having contraceptive pills may also suffer from various severe side effects. So incase, if you get unwontedly pregnant then at that time need not to worry at all. You can terminate your pregnancy at home by having medication. Numbers of medication are available in the market to terminate the pregnancy. Among those medications you need to choose one medication based on the pregnancy week. In pregnancy the age or the maturity of pregnancy is always measured in weeks. 

As different medication terminates different week of pregnancy, so for having abortion pills you need to count the weeks of pregnancy. These medications needed to be taken to terminate specified week pregnancy. If you mismatch the week of medication and your pregnancy week then you may suffer a lot. To terminate the 9 week pregnancy the very well known medication is used namely called as MTP kit. MTP kit is also called abortion kit. An abortion kit is very widely used to terminate the 9 week pregnancy. 

MTP kit is not a single medication used to terminate the pregnancy but it is the combination of two medications which are used to terminate the pregnancy. MTP kit comprises of 5 pills. One pill is of mifepristone and rest four pills of misoprostol. These two medication mifepristone and misoprostol is the combination used in the MTP kit to terminate the pregnancy. Among this two medications mifepristone is needed to be taken first and misoprostol should be taken within 24 hours after having mifepristone. The mifepristone is responsible for blocking the fetus development hormones. While the misoprostol, will help to take off the fetus from the womb. 

You can buy MTP kit online. You just need to visits the trusted website and place an order. After getting your abortion kit just go through the instructions and have the pills as per the instructions to terminate the pregnancy effectively. Avoid the intake of MTP kit after the specified week

MTP kit is not used to terminate the ectopic pregnancy. You should take MTP kit only to terminate 9 week pregnancy. Incase if you are more than 9 week pregnant then you should consult the doctor for terminating the unwanted pregnancy.